DOSBox – Famous MS-DOS x86 emulator for old games

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In simple terms, the main function of DOSBox is – with DOSBox, you can run the old and classic DOS games or software on different Windows, BeOS, Linux, Mac OS X, OS/2…. operation systems, or you can even install a Windows 3.1 in the DOSBox. “Re-live” the good old days now, with ease!

Since Windows XP, the built-in functions of CMD become more limited, especially for 64-bit Windows or server system, the user can’t even run a 16-bit Windows application, let alone a 16-bit MS-DOS program.

DOSBox is currently the best solution for running DOS games under Windows system, it can not only support quite a few DOS games with good running, but also can simulate its sound perfectly.

In all, rather than taking DOSBox as a virtual DOS system, why not regard it as a professional DOS game emulator. Many of the classic old DOS games require its support to play normally, DOSBox is a must-have tool for nostalgic players.

BTW, there are also many unofficial DOSBox variants or frontends: such as SVN Daum, DOSBox-X, ProGammaXDapplegreyDosBlaster, DOSShell, AmpShell, BoxerLaunchBox, DosPanelDBFrontendD-Fend ReloadedPetit dosbox, DOSBox GUIDBGL and more, which provide more functions and convenience.

// Key Features //

  • A full x86 PC simulation
  • Emulates CPU: 286/386 real mode/protected mode
  • Directory FileSystem/XMS/EMS
  • Tandy/Hercules/CGA/EGA/VGA/VESA graphics
  • SoundBlaster/Gravis Ultra Sound card for excellent sound compatibility
  • Embedded DOS command interpreter
  • Open source, cross multiple platforms
  • Totally free of charge

// Tips //

  • To make DOSBox automatically mount the specified path as disk character when it starts, do as follows:
    1. Enter “C:\Users\\AppData\Local\DOSBox\”, and open “dosbox-0.74-3.conf” file with text editor
    2. Locate to “[autoexec]” section, and add the following line to the end:
      • mount A D:\DOS
    3. Then you can type “a:” to enter the path “D:\DOS

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