DSpeech – Standalone and high-quality TTS freeware

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DSpeech is very practical text reading/TTS (Text To Speech) application from Italy. It is very small, portable (no installation required) and standalone (using the default voice engine in Windows), easy to use, runs fast with very low consumption of system resources, and integrates with the functionality of ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition).

We can consider applications such as DSpeech as a text-to-audio batch converter + player, which allows you to listen to text, email or web page without having to read them tiring your eyes. As a award-winning TTS software, in addition to direct reading the text out aloud, DSpeech can also convert any text into MP3/WAV or other common formats of audio file in batch for other uses.

DSpeech supports multiple languages, dozens of men’s and women’s voice, as well as synthesized voice from computer. It is capable of automatically monitoring the clipboard and dealing with the content inside. In addition, DSpeech integrates many other practical functions, such as alarm, transaction alerts and powerful command line support. You don’t have to worry about that, its intuitive VCR style of user interface is really simple and easy to get started with.

// Key Features //

  • Allows you to save the output as a .WAV, .MP3, AAC, WMA or OGG file
  • Allows you to quickly select different voices, even combine them, or juxtapose them in order to create dialogues between different voices
  • DSpeech integrates a vocal recognition system that, through a simple script language, allows you to create interactive dialogues with the user
  • Allows you to configure the voices in an independent way
  • Thanks to apposite TAGs, it allows you to dynamically change the features of the voices during the playback (speed, volume and frequency), to insert pauses, emphasize specific words, or even to spell them out
  • Allows you to capture and reproduce the content of the ClipBoard
  • DSpeech is compatible with all vocal engines (SAPI 4-5 compliant)
  • AI dialog system. Not really useful, but amusing. It does not work in every language
  • It’s able to dub movies; this feature synchronizes the reading subtitles (in the standard SRT format) with the playback of a movie. Player supported are Media Player Classic and later, and VideoLAN VLC Player

// System Requirements //

  • On Windows XP and later, if you want use SAPI4 voices, you must install SAPI4
  • On Windows NT4/2000 (on XP and later you don’t need) you must install SAPI5
  • On Windows NT4/2000/XP, if you want use the Speech Recognition features (ASR), you must install the MS-Recognition Engine as well
  • If your SAPI interface is broken and DSpeech can’t work correctly, you can try to fix with one of these tools

// Prompts //

  • DSpeech uses the system default text reading engine, which means there is Microsoft SAM this single one voice available under Windows XP.

// Related Links //

  • Listen a sample of dialogue from DSpeech: dspeech sample eng.mp3 dspeech sample ita.mp3
  • Overview of the advanced features of DSpeech: dpeech help eng.mp3

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Freeware Latest n/a
Voices Download
SAPI5 voices are the best, but unfortunately often they are not distributed for free. The most famous are Cepstral, Ivona, RealSpeak, Loquendo, Acapela and VoiceWare.

Voice Pack Basic (Web) Very good voices (RealSpeak only)

Voice Pack Full (Web) Here you find the package with the most beautiful voices. (These packages is not my work so that, for copyright issues, please contact the author).

eSpeak. It’s a new open source engine in english (good) and in other languages (average):

SAPI4 voices, instead, have worse quality but are easier to find, and downloadable for free; the best are:

L&H TrueVoice: They have a good voice sampling, but wav and MP3 conversions are very slow.


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