Dungeon Siege I, II, III Portable full versions AIO

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Dungeon Siege is a very classic series of action RPG games developed by Gas Powered Games (now called Wargaming Seattle) and published by Microsoft Game Studios in 2001. It comes with 2 sequels: Dungeon Siege II (in 2005), Dungeon Siege III (developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Square Enix in 2011, supervised by the founder Chris Taylor from Gas Powered Games).

Dungeon Siege I not only comes with standout sound effects, amazing and unique graphics, also has a clear interface, flexible perspective transformation (which allows you to zoom in/out or rotate at will), flexible and comfortable characters selection & setting, handy combat skills operation, as well as thrilling and stimulating dungeon experiences.

The story line of Dungeon Siege II is extraordinary, not smooth, and inscrutable. Although it comes with a single-track and linear levels design, that still gives players a lot of freedom in game. In addition, Dungeon Siege 2 introduced a brand-new missions system, used the fire-new skills tree system, and enhanced the original pets system. In game, all pets can be used to carry equipment, and have their own abilities to fight with you. Furthermore, you can put a variety of equipment on your pets to improve some aspects of attributes of them. Besides, the AI of enemies in Dungeon Siege II has been increased greatly. They have “cooperation mode” between each other (that means they will help each other), and adopt different tactics according to the actual conditions. On the other hand, player’s team can collaborate better than before, and is allowed to set the AI type of each character. You can even let your team members imitate your actions. Also, players are able to switch to other characters for control according to the circumstances in a combat.

Dungeon Siege III is the first work in this series that landed on home game console. It was made by Obsidian, and its overall game atmosphere is unlike the first two works made by Gas Powered Games. In Dungeon Siege 3, players will face a variety of choices and challenges, and those different choices will directly affect the progress of game. In addition, this work started to support the online cooperation game mode.

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AppNee provides the Dungeon Siege I (with Legends of Aranna Expansion Pack), II, III full setups and portable full registered versions for Windows.

// Prompts //

  • To run the portable versions correctly, do make sure there is no non-English or special character in the game path.
  • Dungeon Siege I needs to be run under compatibility mode (e.g.: Windows 7) on newer Windows like 8.1.

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Game Version Type Download Size
Dungeon Siege (with Legends of Aranna Expansion Pack) v1.11.1 & v1.50 Portable 1.40 GB
Dungeon Siege II: Broken World v2.30 Setup reserved 2.52 GB
Dungeon Siege III v1.0.0 Portable reserved 3.59 GB

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