[v5.107] EasyCut Pro – Popular sign making and vinyl cutting software

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EasyCut Pro is a very advanced and popular sign making and vinyl cutting program for Windows and Mac platforms. It makes it easier to design and cut signs, lettering, graphics, logos, shapes, decals, scrapbooking, and stickers, and will take the sign making to a whole new level.

EasyCut Pro can draw and edit any shape directly, builds in a rich shapes library that includes hundreds of vector designs for cutting, works with a wide range of vinyl cutters/plotters including, can import AI, EPS, SVG, PLT, DXF, PDF, GSD and WPC files, can directly use fonts already installed in your system, and provides many amazing features, such as welding, tile, rhinestone creation, cutting by color, copy cutting, 3D extrusion effect, contour cutting.

Compared to any other sign making and vinyl cutting programs on the market today, EasyCut Pro will make your designs and cutting shapes easier, and allows users to easily create complex designs using the multiple-layer feature. All in all, with EasyCut Pro’s intuitive user interface, professional and powerful features, anyone is able to make sign design and vinyl cut as easily as a professional now.

One fact you should know about this software: EasyCut Pro and Easy Cut Studio are actually the completely same program (the only difference is that the former is more expensive). That is just a common trick played by the same software developer in order to increase the exposure rate of its product on the Internet and make more money. AppNee, of course, only chose to make a post for EasyCut Pro rather than Easy Cut Studio after discovering this problem (otherwise it would only be vain). The reasons is the former has a newer version number and is more expensive.

// Key Features //

Draw and Edit Shapes
Draw your own shapes directly on the mat, Create original designs very easily using various shape and drawing tools. you’ll find that the design solutions are endless.
Enhanced Text Layout Tools
WYSIWYG text layout and design with all your fonts on your computer, 4 different types of type tools and add a variety of effects to text objects.
Node editing
Powerful tools designed to edit nodes that can enhance vector objects. Supports many different types of transforming and editing nodes, curves, etc.
Vectorize Images
Unmatched image vectorization – Quickly convert any raster images (BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF) into cuttable vector path designs in just a few clicks.
Special Effects
A variety of effects can be applied to your designs, such as Title Crawl, Canned, 3D Extrude, 3D Rotate, Lattice, Knockout, Bulge, Shadow, Wave, Wrapper, and etc.
Import most file formats
Import a wide range of vector based formats, such as SVG, PLT, EPS, AI, PNG, DXF, PDF, SCUT, WPC, GSD, FCM and so on.
Create Rhinestone
Easily create custom rhinestone designs that can be output with a vinyl cutter, You can specify stone size and spacing to make your own rhinestone template.
Weld Shapes/Text
Welding will take two or more selected overlapping images and join them together into one single shape. There are 2 ways to weld overlapping shapes.
Puzzle Generator
Create 100% customizable jigsaw puzzle patterns with a few clicks.
If your design is wider than the maximum cutting width of your cutting machine, you can use this to fast and accurate split up the design into smaller tiles.
Weeding Vinyl
Remove the excess vinyl from in between shapes and around their respective edges. This feature will add a weeding border around the selected shapes.
Shapes Library
Gives you instant, easy access to over 350 pre-made shapes in the built in shapes library for Free. Shape cutting has never been easier!
Advanced Cutting Options
Full control your cutter with a variety of settings: WYSIWYG, origin point, cut selection only, duplicate cut, print and cut, cut by color, and many other options.
Cut by Color
The easy way to separate the different colors in your artwork to separate cut jobs. Cut and manage even complex designs with ease.
Layer Manager
Use layers to easily organize objects that help you to more control over how you organize, edit and cut objects with EasyCut Pro.
Easy to use
Making signs, logos, decals and stickers fast has never been easier. This cutting software features such a user-friendly design that it’s usable by anyone.
Contour Cutting
Easily create an outline around objects, shapes and text etc. Creating your print and cut files for contour cutting of stickers and decals has never been easier.
Supported Cutting Plotters
Supports a large number of cutter manufacturers and models, including popular one such as Graphtec, Roland, USCutter, GCC, Vinyl Express and so on.

// Supported Vinyl Cutters and Plotters //

  • Roland
  • GCC
  • USCutter
  • Graphtec
  • Summa
  • UKCutter
  • Ioline
  • Secabo
  • Vevor
  • Mutoh
  • Saga
  • AnaGraph
  • PCut
  • Refine
  • Seiki
  • ROHS
  • Teneth
  • DGI
  • Foison
  • Vicsign
  • SkyCut
  • Rabbit
  • Liyu
  • Redsail
  • GoldCut
  • PixMax
  • JinKa
  • Silhouette
  • APD
  • BDF
  • Vinyl Systems
  • KASA
  • New Star
  • Desay Master
  • Vinyl Express machines
  • ….

*** No longer work with the Cricut machines.

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the EasyCut Pro/Easy Cut Studio multilingual full installers and unlocked files, as well as portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

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// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
EasyCut Pro
v5.107 32-bit | 64-bit 10.2 MB | 13.4 MB
Easy Cut Studio
v5.014 12.0 MB

(EasyCut Pro | Easy Cut Studio)

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