[v2.2.0] Email Excavator – Fast and effective email addresses collector

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For people engaged in the e-commerce industry, email marketing is one of the common and effective means. AppNee has already introduced you to some mass emails sending software, today’s Email Excavator is used to automatically extract large quantities of email addresses from multiple major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu) in batch.

Email Excavator is an email search and collection tool developed by YL Computing from China. It can automatically extract a large number of email addresses from the Internet in a targeted way according to the keywords entered by user. It supports multi-threading mode, which makes the searching process faster; can only grab emails under a specific domain name; verifies the validity of email addresses; allows to extract email messages from a specific URL; and the searched email addresses can be exported as Excel or Text for users to view and use elsewhere.

Email Excavator enables user to collect email addresses from the Internet in a fast and automated manner. It makes the email collection job simple and efficient and produce excellent results in a short period of time. With its help, you can generate potential clients in a matter of hours and start getting thousands of people online to know about your business.

// Key Features //

Fastest email collector
It has great speed and extract email very fast. With moderate internet connection you can easily extract >100,000 email ID in an hour. This program supports to run on multi-instance mode. You can run many instance of Email Excavator at the same time.
Supports multi-threads mode
Email Excavator supports to enable multi-threads mode (up to 10 threads) and speed up the search process.
Supports to export results as EXCEL or TEXT format
This feature supports to save emails to the standard EXCEL or TEXT format.
Extract email from Web using Search Engine upon specified keywords
Web is the unlimited source of email ID. You have to insert a search keywords (example: small business), Select multiple search engine, Press search and sit back. It is capable to extract using all major search engine in this world.
Extract email and verify
mxlookup verification has been included and Email Excavator easily collect email and verify them. So, you will be able to save only the valid email ID from the collected list.
Extract email from specific URL
Just enter a URL you want to search for email ID and this software will collect all the emails present in that URL.
Get email ID from a specific country
Yes, you can collect email targeted to a specific country. Just select country wise search engine and the collector will extract email of that country user.
Filter out unwanted mails Use powerful filter option to escape saving unwanted mails
Using filter you can easily get only a specfic domain email, must have word email, free of duplicate source email and many more. You can easily filter out info, contacts, webmaster, support, e.t.c these type of email from your search.
Use Cache & Update Cache
This features will save the scanned webpage in database so that next time scanning those sites will be faster than ever. It is the fastest email address collector available in market.

// Universal Registration Keys //

  • Registration Name:
    • AppNee Freeware Group.
  • Registration Key:
    • EixRcQaPvzaKtMoIrGSbYXzTCWZzHxnsD=R0OgHopEKjQ6DpkaL99999t1TLqe=KW46niN0oK6J-eBQBRV09KAyjGNAJJoLBFIh=*K&qwPx9xscah4lmwSyyltHJw9v0==sD7zDvzGGf0ddXrWrhzlTBGWz8s2kjbHTCbGD2MaXLr4LyAf4fVJvhDPsjTaL32R=CFvTJ
    • ECxVcwaAvZaktGoRrCp5ShP3hrfIVxxPG6Yb1PIu6fHaJWxUwtL99999=zqFydQSOnZbeBXDcAP8XcVrkoQgaq9ofyhRq68OW0zE*5&ewFx8xgcUh8lJwkyKl2MjyyI1FHprySLqEufKnRp477PDUTrjEP-J-c==wb5APeDfrlAgzL15BCPk2iamp0ZnDAZr4xQduVhA
    • ELxAcLavvJaitjo1rlafGbOkFnYHY9QfjtZagFZlBbZ-8bA=-0L99999O=qpgCVXCB3fYjhYpBDEKG6Nfr4DXum3Q57XdHNepq=A*y&6wfxHx6cEhtldwlyNl3A5h0fCVyeDvcYOzfHl7-2pSHCf7Pr=KOszFdIqRRmsLaHIZszLFeLCdRXStxrA9T1ueO=Wlo3PVkoF
    • Evxgc=aKvWaRt-oXrvm1Ab0h2B25HAt2FLZl8gU9Kc9DahTtBIL99999U0sb2QoqHnYA5p4YtdHiOGJPWfnWxlMxwSOSY4G1Yh=K*Z&pwMxzxYc3hJlnwnybl2RmS0YcJaUHoQftmVdPVTnuUqgmjIDaf2HCf7WVaugs9px5RZT2W-64tr8K8hO7FyNbQTnowreczCKX
    • EyxOcuaTvCautwoprFUiyv-hR3Cg=TWQ7vgthG1Cjz=KtlIx0yL99999eZ163bIhUZGYlsBccG8MPfeJbJQa3itRKPPcZZkNilAN*E&5w8xZxcc-h1lzwzyNlPnoweAGWg0bJ39VKKTVnHeRnlcJ=NjDU4KxVtQcVHP22oRWKgpgzJYMe0l7r6g1mhSB5I4vNMuIZDgF

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Email Excavator multilingual full installers and all versions universal registration keys for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

for v2.x.x:

  1. Download and extract program
  2. Run program, and click “Enter Registration Key”
  3. Use the universal registration key above to register
  4. Restart program
  5. Done

// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
v2.2.0 4.05 MB


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