[v17.8] EmEditor Professional Portable full registered versions

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[v17.8] EmEditor Professional Portable full registered versions

EmEditor Professional can completely replace the Windows built-in Notepad, developed by Emurasoft Inc from Japan, it's famous for lightweight, agile and its powerful, rich. So that hold many users' high praise. Originally released in 1997, and is still in the sustainable development.

Used a variety of freeware text editor or commercial ones, but in the end I stayed on the EmEditor. Its functions are too many, here only mention some I need: support timing auto-save; visual hint for the edited but not yet saved lines; recognize HTTP link as clickable.

[v17.8] EmEditor Professional Portable full registered versions

// Applicable Users //

  • HTML Designer
  • Programmer
  • Editor or Publisher
  • Database Administrator
  • Server Administrator
  • Anybody who needs a best free text editor

// Portable Version Features //

  • No registration, crack or patch required
  • Made based on the official setup file
  • Fully portable anywhere
  • Includes both 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Includes all the plugins from official site
  • Full registered, extract and direct use
  • Blocked network authentication

// Supported OS //

  • Note that, from version 14.9.0, EmEditor does not support Windows XP any more.

// Official Demo Videos //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Emurasoft EmEditor Professional Edition multilingual portable full registered versions (including the classic versions for Windows XP, like v14.8.1 Final) for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit (automatic system type identification), which contain all the official plug-ins and do not require registration or serial numbers.

// Prompts //

All settings of EmEditor are only stored in the files 'eeCommon.ini' and 'eeConfig.ini'.

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

for Windows Vista+
v17.8.032-bit | 64-bit
v17.7.032-bit | 64-bit
v17.6.0 Beta32-bit | 64-bit
v17.4.032-bit | 64-bit
v17.3.132-bit | 64-bit
v17.2.532-bit | 64-bit
v17.2.232-bit | 64-bit
v17.2.032-bit | 64-bit
v17.1.032-bit | 64-bit
v17.0.232-bit | 64-bit
v16.9.332-bit | 64-bit
v16.8.132-bit | 64-bit
v16.7.232-bit | 64-bit
v16.6.032-bit | 64-bit
v16.4.132-bit | 64-bit
v16.3.132-bit | 64-bit
v16.1.532-bit | 64-bit
v16.0.232-bit | 64-bit
v15.9.032-bit | 64-bit
for Windows XP
v14.8.1 Final32-bit64-bit


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