EyeDefender – For a healthy life, regularly remind rest

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Probably a lot of people sit for a whole day in front of the computer, cannot leave computer because of work during the day, after back home, we immediately came to the front of computer again at night – for fun (game, music, movie or social). Everybody knows this is very bad for eyesight and vertebral column, but perhaps only EyeDefender can help us make some improvements – for our health.

EyeDefender is a free scheduling reminder utility, used to regularly remind users who work at a computer to put down their work and do something outside of computer operation (such as eye exercises; body movements,  look into the distance….), in order to protect their eyesight and spine health. In EyeDefender, you can set the regularly reminding time interval, the length of rest time and the rest modes.

// Rest Modes //

  • Displays pictures in a predefined folder;
  • Runs the visual training to relax the eyes;
  • Runs a default screensaver;
  • Displays a popup timed reminder in the system tray.

// Key Features //

  • Control the level of eye strain in the system tray
  • Set up the time period for a popup reminder
  • Set up how much time you want to rest
  • Enter the rest mode instantly
  • Reset the counter
  • Stop the counter when you do not want to be interrupted
  • Set the counter to stop automatically after some time of inactivity
  • Four rest modes: slideshow, visual training, screensaver launch, or popup tray reminder
  • Auto-run EyeDefender on Windows start

Of all times, sitting in front of computer for a long time work or play is not a healthy lifestyle at all. Any software is always auxiliary, to a healthy life, more important is to get out, or for a walk, or some outdoor sports (mountain climbing, cycling, etc.), or travel, go to library… which are real good ways of leisure.

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