ezvid – Best freeware screen recorder for YouTube

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ezvid – Best freeware screen recorder for YouTube

ezvid is the best free 3rd party all-in-one screen recorder, slideshow maker, and video editor specially designed for YouTube website!

ezvid claims to be the world's simplest and fully functional video capture and editing software, with which you can produce HD video,  slideshow and YouTube screencast you want in 5 minutes. It is completely comparable with Camtasia, Camstudio, FastStone, Ebinaria, Jing, Capture FOX and other commercial software.

ezvid can automatically capture and render at the best settings suitable for YouTube display, and does not have any technical requirement for user. In addition its brand new speech synthesis function is also revolutionary - any input text captions can be converted into computer voice through the 'Speech Synthesis' button.

ezvid – Best freeware screen recorder for YouTube

// Key Features //

  • Fast & Easy Screen Recorder.
  • Instant Facecam & Voice Synthesis.
  • Awesome Video Editor.
  • Fun To Use.
  • Instant slideshow maker.
  • Beautiful screen capture for games, desktop, & browser.
  • Fast YouTube Upload

// Main Usage //

ezvid is the excellent solution for creating all sorts of YouTube videos:

  • Create game videos for Minecraft, Roblox, Travian, Runescape....
  • SEO video
  • Website video
  • Virtual real estate tourism
  • Videos for auction and sale
  • Birthday and greeting card videos
  • Tutorial and demo videos
  • and more

// How To Use //

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// Download URLs //

Official1 Fast Link Page (Online Installer)

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