f.lux – Creative and smart display color temperature automatic adjuster

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f.lux – Creative and smart display color temperature automatic adjuster

Nowadays, many display devices are added the "automatic brightness adjustment" function, which can reduce the eye harm from screen light to a certain extent. But this is far from enough, because more eye injury caused by display is from slant cold blue spectrum. It is one of the main inducements that cause human cerebral cortex to become overexcited and unconsciously stay up too late, even result in sleep disorder or insomnia

f.lux is a cross-platform screen color temperature (rather than the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.) self-regulation small app. Its originality lies in that it can intelligently and automatically adjust the color temperature of a computer screen according to the time changes in different regions on the earth, so as to let the computer screen always stay in the right state suitable of reading - mainly by avoiding blue light damage to our eyes at night.

f.lux – Creative and smart display color temperature automatic adjuster

f.lux automatically determines the sunrise time and sunset time, analyzes the light intensity in specific time depending on your geographic position setting (time zone, latitude and longitude, postal code, or city), then on this basis adjusts the color temperature of screen. In AppNee's opinion, f.lux has been an essential, must-have tool for a computer worker to protect his/her health of eyes and other parts of body. To some extent, it can affect the person's mood by adjusting color, and then regulate the endocrine, make biological rhythms stable, improve sleep quality, improve the vitality in daily work.

Talking too many relevant principles does not make sense for the vast majority of ordinary computer users, the final actual using effect and experience explain everything. If your eyes often get tired out from the computer monitor, then I highly recommend you to give f.lux a try. You won't see anything different during the day, but it will adjust your screen color to the default, healthy warm yellow color after the day-by-day sunset. At the outset, you may feel a little abrupt and uncomfortable, but after a period of adaptation, you probably can't live without it - just become unable to endure any screen displays with their default color temperature setting. BTW, f.lux has a major competitor - its name is Redshift, you can try it too.

f.lux – Creative and smart display color temperature automatic adjuster

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