Here are some things that you should learn about when using the resources from AppNee. We are different. As to what the difference between us and any other similar sites is, if you like AppNee the first time you see it, then you can gradually find it; but if you turn up your nose at the things AppNee does, in fact, we do have no time or interests to keep you and explain to you.

// Notes //

Why this F.A.Q. page?Because it's meaningless to waste time on repeated explanations to the same or similar questions from so many visitors.
Copy content from AppNeeYou are welcomed to do this, but please remember one thing: keep our article's original link. Otherwise, finally you will destroy our pay and effort, and get yourself blacklisted or even banned by the entire SAYS group.
Missing Download linkAny download link does not work, email us to fix it for you - the original post link is required. Some screenshots can be very helpful for describing the problem happened on your side easily and clearly.
Recommend file hostsYou can recommend up to 2 free file hosts suitable for your country to us. AppNee will always choose to use the most admired free file hosts.
Software versionWant to get newer version of some software, email us.
Buy software from AppNee?To buy some software you see on AppNee, you should always go to the software's official homepage to do this. AppNee has no rights to sell the resources for others' property. And as you can see, all resources published by AppNee are free for downloading and using, even the ones developed by AppNee. They are just free and will be free all the time. So, please do not send emails to us for asking how to buy some software from AppNee.
Virus scanAlways remember to do this by yourself using VirusTotalVirSCAN or Hybrid Analysis, because this is the only and most authoritative and convincing way. Sometimes, we may forget it or get infected with virus by ourselves. Do ever not only judge by your favorite antivirus software like some newbies.
Email replyAs long as we could take time out from daily work & study, we would manage to answer every email worth to reply as soon as possible.

But we insist on that we do not accept any queries or tutorial requests. The reason is that AppNee is not a forum and does not provide any customer services.

Any temporary or anonymous email address will be ignored.

Software recommendationFor excellent software you're finding but we did not share (make sure you searched through AppNee first - by googling with keyword "xxx appnee"), please let us know (via the Feedback). Then we will do our best to find all possible resources for you. But, there is no guarantee. BTW, correct software name along with its official homepage can be helpful for both you and us.
No social mediaAppNee does not and will never support any kinds of social media connections. Because all of us hate this kind of meaningless and life-wasting trash inventions.
NoticeBefore asking any questions, you'd better make sure you have read the post through, and do not use a fake email. Besides, never put too much hope on AppNee, or you will be very disappointed.
SearchWe temporarily disable the search function completely. Instead, you can get all what you want by googling like this "PDF editor + AppNee" - an easier and more efficient way to search through AppNee. If you do not know searching what keyword, just make good use of the 'Category' and 'Tag' feature.
No trust, no useFirst of all, do remember one thing about AppNee - we do have no interests to release any virus, especially through our websites (we always think that will brings more harm than good to what we want to do).

For just very few files, they might be infected with virus before publishing. For this, your feedback is always important and helpful for both AppNee and all its visitors. And we hope that more and more visitors can help us monitor the content released by us. Once any mistakes found, we will fix it as soon.

But you should always know that, your feedback must be valid and reliable. For example, when you are downloading some file that published by AppNee, your web browser or antivirus software tells you that "This is a Spyware, Trojan, Virus, Malware...". At this time, do ever not make a reckless conclusion immediately. As we say all the time: The antivirus software you are using is not always right, they sometimes make mistakes too, especially the little-known ones. And I guess you met a situation like this: the same file that was reported as virus is remarked as totally clear now, by the same antivirus software, only in different time. Why this happens? Because they updated their virus database to fix the false report.

No "how to" questionThe only reason we don't want to tell you "how to do that" is, all the implementation methods were written out clearly in the corresponding posts (even equipped with some screenshots). And we are sure there are no more tutorials that are clearer than the ones provided by AppNee. If this still can't help you, I'm sorry, nobody can help you further, expect yourself.
How to block AppNeeWe always welcome well-intentioned, constructive feedback (such as a file was reported as virus on your computer), but ignore (even block) all irresponsible doubts with full of complaints from fatuous users. On your side, you can open your hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc) with Notepad.exe, and add the following line:

  • appnee.com

Then AppNee can never hurt or bother you.

To newbies onlyPlease leave AppNee alone, because AppNee is not suitable for you. Too many other portal websites can serve you well, but not AppNee. And, we won't say sorry for this.

Anyway, we do hope you can soon grow up to a real advanced computer user who can distinguish what is real harmful and what is not at least, rather than do things like newbies who are always confused by some rubbish security software. For instance, you can start to choose to use a conscientious anti-virus software, not just the one you are used to use.

Maybe it's only when you grow up to be a senior computer user you can really understand what I'm saying here, rather than keep being skeptical. Of course, maybe you never will.

Technical SupportSorry, as a free website/service, we do not provide any technical support. All we can do, we should do and what you need to do is written there, any additional statements are superfluous, meaningless and helpless.
Our tenetPlease bear in mind that, in addition to free resource, AppNee also cares about hacking or cracking, but not cheating or stealing. BTW, AppNee has run more than 6 years, it has never been marked as one of those dangerous websites that born as virus manufacturers and spreaders by visitors, search engines or any safety relevant services/institution.
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