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As the world’s most popular soccer simulation game, EA‘s FIFA series has existed for nearly 30 years. From its original Mosaic picture quality to its now exquisite 3D panoramic picture, FIFA has accompanied countless football gamers from their youth to middle age. In this process, it has been unique when it was first born, and it has also experienced the embarrassing time of being overwhelmed by the PES series. In the end, it made a breakthrough in adversity, reborn in Nirvana, and has become the best-selling football game in the world every year.

Although FIFA series is now the best video game in football field, you have to know that it was not the forerunner in the football game market. As early as 1993, there were Sensible Soccer, Kick Off and Match Day these famous football games that began to dominate the market in the late 1980s. And for a long time afterwards, its biggest competitor was always Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).

The first game work of the entire series – FIFA 94 (then called FIFA International Soccer), was released in 1993, and every year after that there was a new release. By sizing up the situation, EA rode the great mass fervor of the World Cup 94, and both FIFA 94 and the subsequent FIFA 95 attracted the attention of countless players, although they are just EA’s “trailblazers” for football games.

From FIFA 96 to FIFA 99, EA made a landmark leap forward. Especially the emergence of FIFA 99 finally brought a true sense of huge leap to the series as a whole: this was the first time that the series officially went beyond the confines of a single game element, and created a whole new situation in which the series truly integrated all the game elements. FIFA 99 has played an indelible role in the development history of the entire series in terms of graphics, stadium atmosphere, game operation, and gameplay.

Unfortunately, in the seven years after the appearance of FIFA 2000, EA suffered a big loss in the balance of game due to too much emphasis on the addition of new elements. This caused the entire series to encounter “Waterloo” and be tightly suppressed by the other representative of all football games Pro Evolution Soccer series. Neither the short-lived success of FIFA 2002 nor the exquisite gaming feel and the appearance of the “complete business model” of FIFA 2005 had changed the big picture.

FIFA 07 and FIFA 08, which have made great progress, appeared in this situation. In fact, whether it is FIFA 07’s progress in player training and action details, or FIFA 08’s emphasis on and enhancement to manual elements, they finally became EA’s tries to improve its basic settings and continue its inherent style. Later facts proved that without a series of attempts and polishes in the past seven years, it is impossible for this world’s best football game series to achieve such an achievement today.

If it is said that from FIFA 2000 to FIFA 2008 is a relatively complicated and long period of confusion for EA in football games, then from FIFA 09, a series of transformations that were enough to make the entire game series establish its later dominant position started to happen quietly. After the official release of the game console version of FIFA 09, this game has been considered to be a real rival to the Pro Evolution Soccer series by the industry.

The most important feature of FIFA 09 is the comprehensive innovation of keyboard operation settings. In order to make the player’s operation closer to reality, EA completely changed the previous keyboard operation settings, adding more action buttons, and providing players with mouse + keyboard mixed operation options. This is the second time since FIFA 96 that this game supports mouse operation. In other words, FIFA 09 not only had a big change in game operation, but also smoothly integrated the advantages and reasonable designs of all previous works in this series.

If FIFA 09 integrated the best parts of its own predecessors, then FIFA 10 integrated the highlight parts of almost every football game on the market, such as the addition of quick kick off mode, the addition of training mode, the ability to import player faces, new snowy weather, the rationalization of player growth curves, the quick switching of penalty kickers, the custom free kick tactics, and so on.

Since FIFA 10, EA’s limelight in football games has completely overwhelmed KONAMI for the first time. This also made the answer to the question “Which is the better football game between Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA?” uncontroversial for the first time. “Killing” the old competitor Pro Evolution Soccer made EA have a lot of confidence on “how to make better games”. After that, from the amazing FIFA 11 to the birth of FIFA 14, EA implemented the strategy of “one big step a year”. The long-term grind finally made this great series of FIFA bloom with real brilliance.

It can be said that no matter in terms of quality or sales, FIFA 15 and FIFA 16 exceeded Pro Evolution Soccer by far, and more and more PES players turned to the FIFA camp. Since then, PES completely walked off the altar. In 2016, EA took the big step of using Frostbite Engine for developing FIFA 2017, employed the human motion capture technology to ensure the authenticity of players’ movements in game, and the professional players invited for motion capture were from all the major league clubs.


// Key Features //

Release Year Game Title
1993 FIFA International Soccer
1994 FIFA Soccer 95
1995 FIFA Soccer 96
1996 FIFA 97
1997 FIFA 98
1998 FIFA World Cup 98
1999 FIFA 2000
2000 FIFA 2001
2001 FIFA Football 2002
2002 2002 FIFA World Cup
FIFA Football 2003
2003 FIFA Football 2004
2004 FIFA Football 2005
2005 FIFA Street (2005)
2006 FIFA Street 2
2006 FIFA World Cup
2007 FIFA 08
2008 FIFA Street 3
2009 FIFA 10
2010 2010 FIFA World Cup Soutd Africa
2011 FIFA 12
2012 FIFA 13
2013 FIFA 14
2014 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
2015 FIFA 16
2016 FIFA 17
FIFA Mobile
2017 FIFA 18
2018 FIFA 19
2019 FIFA 20
2020 FIFA 21

// Evolution of FIFA Games 1993-2020 //

// System Requirements //

  • DirectX
  • Adobe Flash Player

// Edition Statement //

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// Prompts //

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for Windows
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for Android
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