[v20.7.2, v20.0.5, v3.4] FL Studio – Most popular digital audio workstation

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Do you have the full passion, talent of music and want to create your own music works? Or feel some electronic dance music is not satisfactory enough and hope to remix it? FL Studio can turn your PC into a fully functional music studio, beautiful big mixing plate, as well as many other most advanced music creation tools, enough to make your music break through the limits of imagination.

FL Studio (old full name: Fruity Loops Studio) is a nearly perfect virtual music workstation (digital audio workstation – DAW) developed by the Image-Line company from Belgium. It is one of the most famous and used music production software for Windows. Since 1998, it has evolved into a super powerful music creation software from the initial MIDI sequencer with the function realized an qualitative leap.

Too many powerful features about FL Studio I just don’t repeat here, I believe anyone who like music creation knows much about it than me. In a word, with FL Studio you can create your own style of music, dance, light music, pop song, remix… in order to make your music dream become a reality.

// Use Cases //

  • Audio editing and manipulation
  • Automate most interface and all plugin parameters
  • Be hosted in other DAWs
  • Live music performance
  • Mix and remix audio
  • Multi-track audio recording
  • Record & play MIDI input
  • Sequencing and arranging
  • Synthesizer & effect plugin hosting

// New & Updated Features //

  • Fully reworked scalable interface
  • Multi-touch
  • Browser
  • Channel Menu
  • Channel settings
  • Pattern Menu
  • Piano roll
  • Playlist
  • Stepsequencer
  • VST Plugins
  • Fruity Formula Controller
  • Fruity Envelope Controller
  • Fruity Keyboard Controller
  • Real-Time Stretching

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

Fl Studio has 4 Editions: Fruity, Producer, Signature and All Plugins Bundle. AppNee provides the FL Studio Producer Edition (with the highest level of program functionality but reasonable file size) official full installers, universal keygen, universal Reg Key file, universal hosts blocker, unlock patches, and unlocked files, or portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit, pre-activated versions for Mac, as well as paid full (APK + OBB data) versions of FL Studio Mobile for Android.

All editions share common features, but Producer and Signature Editions have additional features and plugins included.

// Installation Notes //

for v20.6.0+ Setup:

  1. Download and install FL Studio from official site
  2. Run the unlock patch as administrator, and install it
  3. Done

*** Disable the update feature, and do not use the “Online Panel”

*** You’d better block FL Studio with your firewall.

for v20.6.0+ Portable:

  • Just download and extract to use

for v20.5.0:

  1. Download and install FL Studio from official site
  2. Copy “FL Studio 20” folder to the following path and overwrite:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\ or C:\Program Files\Image-Line\
  3. Copy “VST2” folder to the following path and overwrite:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ or C:\Program Files\Common Files\
  4. Done

for v20.1.1:

  1. Download and install FL Studio from official site
  2. Copy the unlocked files to your installation folder (like C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\) and overwrite
  3. Done

for v20.0.5:

  1. Download and install FL Studio from official site
  2. Copy the unlocked files to your installation folder (like C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\) and overwrite
  3. Run the universal keygen, click ‘Register‘ button
  4. Done

for v20.0.2:

  1. Download and install FL Studio (along with the Offline Help if needed) from official site
  2. Download and copy the unlocked files (all pre-patched plugins and FLEngine) to the installation folder and overwrite
  3. Done

*** If for some reason you imported a fake FL Studio 20 serial number into your registry, this unlocked version would become a demo version with no plugins found. But do not worry, you can import the ‘Blank FL Studio 20.reg‘ to remove any fake or real serial numbers from your reg so as to make this onto the Producer Edition Signature Bundle.

for v12.5.x:

  1. Download and install the latest version of FL Studio full trial setup from official site, do not run it
  2. Run the ‘universal hosts blocker.bat‘ as administrator (or add the following lines to your hosts file manually):
    • www.r2rdownload.com
    • www.elephantafiles.com
  3. Run ‘RSA Patcher.exe‘, click ‘Patch‘ button and wait
  4. Then click ‘Register‘ button to finish registration with your desired name
  5. All done, enjoy!

for v12.4.x:

  1. Download full trial installer from official site
  2. Disconnect Internet
  3. Install, but do not run FL Studio
  4. Extract and import the universal Reg Key file from AppNee
  5. All done, enjoy!

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

License Version Official Installer
for Windows (Official Setup)
Producer Edition Latest n/a
v12.5.1 670 MB
v20.0.5 673 MB
v20.1.1 702 MB
v20.6.2 881 MB
v20.7.2 921 MB
for Windows (Portable Full Registered)
Producer Edition v20.6.2 716 MB
v20.7.1 735 MB
for Mac
Producer Edition v12.4 reserved 1.26 GB
v20.0.5 678 MB
FL Studio Mobile for Android
Producer Edition v3.4.5 217 MB
Universal Hosts Blocker/Unlock Patch/Reg Key/Unlocked Files
Producer Edition v11.x.x reserved 378 KB
v12.5.x reserved 0.98 MB
v20.0.5 AppNee.com (Win) 93.9 MB
AppNee.com (Mac) 2.80 MB
v20.1.1 reserved 45.9 MB
v20.6.2 AppNee.com 80.2 MB
v20.7.2 AppNee.com 109 MB


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