[v10.8.0] Folder Password Lock Pro – Hide, lock or password-protect files, folders and drives

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[v10.8.0] Folder Password Lock Pro – Hide, lock or password-protect files, folders and drives

Whether on your own computer or a public one, we always have some important or privacy-related files and data that do not want others to see or get. In this case, what we can do is to use some software to protect them in primarily five ways: monitoring (passive), hiding (junior), locking (can be easily hacked by advanced computer users), password protecting (ditto), encrypting (the safest, but not convenient).

Folder Password Lock Pro is a file/folder/drive protection tool with rich function and simple operation. We can use it to quickly hide, lock, password-protect your important files, folders, internal disk partition, entire external disk, or USB storage devices. In addition, Folder Password Lock Pro also comes with folder monitoring and file encryption these two additional functions. The former allows you to monitor all operations made to the specified folder and record every operation for later review at any time. For the latter, once some file is encrypted, no one can modify or view it except you.

AppNee suddenly found that Folder Password Lock Pro is exactly the same as Gilisoft File Lock Pro. We cannot decide who copied the other, but the fact is probably that big fish eats small fish. In the real world the things like copying and plagiarizing a work created by other people can be seen everywhere, after all. I just marvel - flagrantly cloning others' work is too low and retarded. In my opinion, even copying a work, you should surpass the original one.

[v10.8.0] Folder Password Lock Pro – Hide, lock or password-protect files, folders and drives

// Key Features //

  • Allow lock folders and files with password
  • Allow hide folders and files
  • Allow protect folders and files, to avoid modify, delete and rename
  • One password for all folder lock
  • Email backup password, never worry about forget your password
  • Provide folder monitor, log all operation within it
  • Support lock and hide features on external drive which connect with USB
  • Support password protect shared folder on LAN
  • Uninstallation password protect

// Registration Code //

Contact EmailRegistration Code
any email address
  • 74493-01093-21829-51201-24602-29275
  • 32955-24415-21829-74523-83063-68021

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Folder Password Lock Pro full installers and registration codes for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and install Folder Password Lock Pro
  2. You must use a firewall to block this program to shield its registration verification
  3. Run program, and use the registration code above to register
  4. Restart program
  5. Done

// Prompts //

  • A system restart is required after installation. Otherwise, it won't work correctly.

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// Download URLs //

Pro Editionv10.8.0[v10.8.0] Folder Password Lock Pro – Hide, lock or password-protect files, folders and drives6.33 MB


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