[v3.10] Foxit Advanced PDF Editor – Only best senior PDF file creator and editor

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Foxit Advanced PDF Editor is the successor of Foxit PDF Editor, which is more powerful and practical, enables you to edit and create PDF format files with ease. It is one of the few PDF making software that can be perfectly compatible with Adobe Acrobat.

For common users’ needs of PDF editing, modification, reading, I believe Foxit Advanced PDF Editor can completely satisfy them (without having to install the huge and complex Adobe Acrobat or any other similar software). Of course, for the need for printing the PDF files, as a personal advice, it’s better and more reliable to use Adobe Acrobat to edit.

In spite of this, it is not to say that Foxit Advanced PDF Editor has no avail for professional designers. For example, many practitioners often use Foxit PDF Editor to rotate text in PDF, which only needs to click a menu command, without watermark split, no additional plug-ins required, very convenient.

BTW, among any similar software including Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, at present Foxit Advanced PDF Editor is the only true advanced PDF editor which can easily and fast (just use the search/replace menu) remove any form of watermark (text, image, link, etc.) from PDF file in batch, none of other similar software can make it so. For example, you can download a ebook with watermark on every page, and try to remove them with Foxit Advanced PDF Editor or Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, you will uninstall the huge Adobe Acrobat XI Pro immediately.

// Key Features //

  • Edit and modify PDF contents
  • Quickly edits PDF document content directly in a PDF file with powerful paragraph editing
  • Link multiple text boxes together to reflow text across multiple text boxes
  • Keep track of changes by inputting new text in a different color
  • Edits the contents of your PDF document
  • Join multiple PDFs into a single document
  • Manipulate layers show/hide/rename to make editing easier
  • Grids, Guides & margins to make editing layout simpler
  • Drag and drop hundreds of photos to produce a PDF album
  • Create article threads and export their contents to HTML, ePub, RTF etc
  • Remap fonts to fix PDFs that could not otherwise be edited or exported
  • Renumber pages automatically
  • Clone objects across pages
  • Built-in spell checker enables you to find errors quickly
  • Quickly re-size page margins

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Foxit Advanced PDF Editor portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Download URLs //

Version Portable Type Download Size
v2.2.1 Multiple Files 2.13 MB
v3.04 Single File reserved 33.5 MB
v3.05 Multiple Files reserved 23.3 MB
v3.10 23.0 MB

*** For v3.05, v3.10, before using Foxit Advanced PDF Editor, you need to copy the folder “ProgramData” to “C:\”.

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