Friendly Clock – Display current time on desktop

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Friendly Clock – Display current time on desktop

Although the time display in the system tray is essentially on the desktop, its dimension is too small and cannot achieve the effects provided by many 3rd-party desktop clocks - letting you notice the presence and elapse of time in every moment of the day.

Friendly Clock (AKA: FClock) is a tiny and minimalist free clock and alarm application that displays the current time of your Windows on the desktop with an adjustable half-transparency effect, allowing mouse to click through. That's to say, this program will never affect your normal work on the desktop.

You can move Friendly Clock's position by direct dragging & dropping. Right click on it to call the options out, where you can change color or font of clock; modify the transparent value of clock; let FClock disappear (becomes completely transparent status) when you hover the mouse over it; set an alarm.

Friendly Clock – Display current time on desktop

Friendly Clock – Display current time on desktop

// Key Features //

  • Half-transparency effect for mouse clicks and display of time
  • Doesn't prevent usual work
  • You overlook it, and at the same time it is always at hand, when necessary
  • Alarm
  • Works on Windows 2000 and higher

// Keyboard Shortcuts //

  • Ctrl+F - To change color or font of clock
  • Ctrl - To make FClock appear all the time
  • Alt+X/Alt+F4 - To close Friendly Clock

// Download URLs //

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