Gaia Sky – A comprehensive tool for learning about the universe

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Gaia Sky is a free, open-source and cross-platform (based on Java) 3D astronomy visualization software developed by ZAHUniversität Heidelberg from Germany. It is designed to map about 1 billion fixed stars in the Milky Way where our planet is located, based on the framework of ESA‘s Gaia mission, and supports VOTable, FITS, CSV and all formats supported by the STIL library.

With the help of DR2 data, Gaia Sky has been able to achieve a comparatively ideal use effect. This is what makes astronomy enthusiasts so happy. Gaia Sky 2 is based on the Gaia satellite data, and has become the most comprehensive and accurate digital map of stars in the solar system and Milky Way galaxy so far. And its ambition is not small, because it also contains local galaxy clusters and some SDSS data, and it is not clear whether it wants to make a star map of the whole universe in the future. Besides, Gaia Sky 2 even includes the location data of some nearby galaxies. It can be scaled as far as showing a slice and the Planck & CMB image of the larger structure of the universe, which represent the boundaries of our current understanding to the universe.

If you are an astrophile and really want to draw your own star map or something like that, then I recommend Gaia Sky to you, which is very worth a try. This powerful and easy-to-use 3D visualized star map drawing software enables you to easily map almost any number of stars. Especially, you are free to move and zoom in the stars in this star map as you wish.

// Key Features //

Feature Description
Free and open source Gaia Sky is open and free, and will stay this way. Contribute to the development and translations.
From Gaia to the cosmos Move freely through the cosmos or explore the Solar System in a seamless manner!
Gaia Observe Gaia in its orbit and discover its movement in the sky and its attitude.
6D exploration Represents star positions but also proper motions and radial velocities, if available.
3D-ready With 6 stereoscopic modes: Anaglyphic (red-cyan), VR headset, 3DTV (H and V), cross-eye and parallel view.
360 mode With sperhical (equirectangular), cylindrical and Hammer projections.
Planetarium projection mode Ready to produce videos for full dome systems.
Use your data Bundles TGAS, NBG, SDSS and MWSC. Supports VOTable, FITS, CSV and others (STIL).
SAMP aware Implements SAMP commands to interoperate with SAMP-ready software such as Topcat and Aladin.
Navigate the galaxy Support for controllers and gamepads makes navigating the Galaxy a piece of cake.
Record and play your camera paths Ready to record and play camera paths off-the-shelf.
Scriptable and extensible Use Python to script and extend the capabilities of the Gaia Sky.
Internationalised Translated so far to English, German, Spanish, French, Catalan and Slovenian.

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Freeware Latest  (mir) n/a


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