[GBA] Super Mario Advance ROM + Emulator download

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[GBA] Super Mario Advance ROM + Emulator download

Super Mario Advance is actually the sequel of Super Mario Bros. (on NES) and ported, enhanced remake edition of Super Mario Bros. 2 (on SNES, released in Super Mario All-Stars) only released for Game Boy Advance handheld game console in 2001. It came with many new elements, improved graphics & sound, and additional features.

Among the whole Super Mario series, the characteristic of Super Mario Advance is the most striking one. In game, you have another 3 playable characters with different and unique skills: Luigi has high jumping ability; Princess Peach is able to briefly suspend in the air, and Toad has great strength. In particular, the rhythm of run and jump is changing by attacks in different ways, which makes the game more flexible and playable.

[GBA] Super Mario Advance ROM + Emulator download

And, in addition to support of singleplayer and multiplayer game modes, Super Mario Advance also came with two game works: faithfully ported main game (Super Mario 2) and a mini game - updated version of the classic arcade game work Mario Bros. (released in 1983).

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