[v12.0.0.10520] Ghost Explorer – GHO file viewer, extractor & editor built in Symantec Ghost

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[v12.0.0.10520] Ghost Explorer – GHO file viewer, extractor & editor built in Symantec Ghost

After using Ghost to backup a partition/disk (primarily operation system or data), you may encounter some problems like this: forgot to include some files, need to remove some unnecessary files, or some files should not have been backup, and so on. Similarly, if a .gho file was downloaded from Internet, we may also need to modify some files inside or just extract some files for use.

Undoubtedly, it is always unwise and inefficient to remake a backup just because of these minor reasons. In this case, Symantec's Ghost Explorer (GhostExp for short) can help you complete this task very smoothly, and then you can have the finished Ghost (.gho) file re-encapsulated into a satisfactory one.

Ghost Explorer is originally a built-in tool of Symantec Ghost (as a separate utility), which allows you to view, add, delete, launch and extract files from a Ghost image (.gho) file just like operating common files/folders in the File Explorer. It supports different partition types from FAT16 to NTFS and Linux Ext2/3.

[v12.0.0.10520] Ghost Explorer – GHO file viewer, extractor & editor built in Symantec Ghost

// Main Applications //

  • Update image file
  • Split image file
  • Defrag image file
  • Recover part of image file

// Key Features //

  • View image file contents and save a list of files within an image file
  • Extract files or directories from an image file
  • Add, move, copy, delete, and launch files from and within an image file
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Span sizes can be set
  • Add/edit description of image

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Ghost Explorer portable full versions for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, in English and Chinese languages separately.

// Prompts //

  • Ghost Explorer has the ability to determine whether a .gho file is damaged or not. When it opens a ghost image file, if you are prompted with message like "please select the file in the last section of image file", the means this .gho file has been damaged
  • If Ghost Explorer could not perform actions like delete, add to GHO internal files, that is usually because that GHO file was set 'Read-only' attribute (for this, all what you need to do is uncheck the GHO file's 'Read-only' attribute), or you used a virtual drive to load the GHO file (in this case, just copy the GHO file to local drive and then open it).

// Download URLs //

English Version
v12.0.0.1052032-bit + 64-bit2.57 MB
v12.0.0.1051732-bit + 64-bit2.71 MB
v12.0.0.806564-bit1.53 MB
v12.0.0.411232-bit | 64-bit0.99 MB | 1.38 MB
v11.5.1.226632-bit877 KB
Chinese Version
v12.0.0.806532-bit1.05 MB
v12.0.0.805132-bit + 64-bit2.44 MB
v12.0.0.441232-bit | 64-bit1.02 MB | 1.42 MB
v11.5.1.226632-bit879 KB
v11.0.2.1573reserved634 KB
v8.3.0.1331reserved326 KB


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