GIMP – Best freeware alternative for expensive Photoshop

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GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is is an open source, freeware, cross-platform graphic processing software, includes almost all the required functions of image editing. Since originated and popular from Linux system, GIMP is also known as Photoshop under Linux.

GIMP not only has lightweight size and the handy, customizable interface, but also has the comparable functions and capacities of graphic processing (such as Photo Enhancement and Digital Retouching) with the celebrated Adobe Photoshop. It supports a variety of image formats (from common image files like JPEG, JFIF, GIF, PNG, TIFF to special use formats such as multi-resolution and multi-color-depth Windows icon files) and build in various image processing tools (brush, pencil, sprayer, clone, and so on)

Another important feature of GIMP is that it supports the vast majority of Photoshop plug-ins. To say the least, any work that can be finished using Photoshop also can be done with GIMP.

// Compare GIMP with Photoshop //

Feature Adobe Photoshop GIMP
Function Full Comparable
Price $29.99 per month TOTALLY FREE
Size 770 MB 87 MB

Take up lots of system resources

Much Lower
Running Speed

Very Slow

Much Faster

Familiar but not easy indeed

Almost the same but lightweight and customizable interface

Hardware Requirement Very High Much Lower and wider
Platform Mac, Windows
  • GNU/Linux (i386, PPC)
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Sun OpenSolaris
  • FreeBSD

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Version For Linux For Windows For Max OS X

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