Google Web Designer – HTML5 animation and interactive content creator

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Google Web Designer – HTML5 animation and interactive content creator

The web animation and interactive content based on HTML5 does not require Adobe Flash Player support, thus it adapts to any platforms or devices, and has no compatibility problems. Google wants to use its Google Web Designer (it is said to be acquired and rebranded from Motorola's Ninja IDE, which is similar to Hype and Adobe Edge Animate, or Adobe Muse and Reflow) to promote the development of the entire Web (primarily advertising) industry to further popularize HTML5 and to give up using Adobe Flash.

Google Web Designer is a free, cross-platform visual designer for HTML5 animations and interactive web contents, intended to make creatives and professionals be able to more efficiently create interactive & responsive Web pages, applications and other animated content based on HTML5 & CSS3, especially ads, banners, popup animations.

The WYSIWYG design environment of Google Web Designer supports both design view and code view (in order to facilitate users with programming experience to directly modify HTML5 and CSS3 code to achieve more complex effects), supports for 3D effects, and provides visual drawing tools and timeline for animation production. Therefore, Google Web Designer can not only easily implement all kinds of dynamic special effects for web pages, also utilize JavaScript and CSS to perform much more advanced and appealing adjustments to your common web pages.

Google Web Designer – HTML5 animation and interactive content creator

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  • Design Interactive Ads
  • Build Responsive Ads
  • Robust Animation tools
  • Easy, intuitive workflow

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