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Governor of Poker is one of the most memorable casual games I played and shared over 10 years ago, developed by Azerion (Youda Games) from the Netherlands. Recently, I finally cleaned it off my hard drive and decided to reshare it with those players who love poker games, especially Texas Holdem card games.

As a very interesting, unconventional gambling card game, also one of the best and most exciting poker games in the world, Governor of Poker series features the Texas hold ’em gameplay, a card game popular in the US and Europe. Thereinto, Governor of Poker 2 is a single player version of the GoP series and can be played without Internet connection, here you play with AI players. Governor of Poker 3 is a multiplayer online game that requires Internet connection, here you play against players from around the world.

Governor of Poker has simple yet classic gameplay, cute cartoon style characters, small and elegant scene design, sharp mission cues, cool special effects, and a very detailed tutorial for beginners. In addition, players can use their winnings to buy and sell houses and horses, and can occupy a city per level. Ultimately, your goal is to gain control of the lifeblood of the West by winning all of Texas. This is more playable and fun than traditional poker games.

// Key Features //

Governor of Poker 2
  • The game offers for many hours and hours of Hold’em Poker play: Over 80 challenging poker opponents to beat; 27 stunning card saloons in 19 amazing Texas Holdem cities; Get hold of the five big poker assets.
  • You can travel from city to city in Texas by Train, Casino Boat or a Stage Coach and whilst you travel you can play poker.
  • Every city has a lot of exciting cash games and big poker tournaments with big Chip prizes, competition and the tournaments get bigger all the time. You’ll experience more checks, calls, raises, folds and all-ins than you can imagine!
  • Enjoy sit-n-go tournaments, Shootout tournaments, Bounty tournaments, Cash games.
  • A great poker engine will challenge new poker players and world poker champions alike.
  • Refine your tactics to match the countless poker playing styles of your opponents and watch them go “Steamy” and Tilt after showing off your great card bluffs!
  • Players will play better in each new city and poker tournament, no cheating allowed!
  • A new Dallas government decided to put a ban on all Texas Holdem poker games and now considers the game to be illegal. Time to take matters in your own hands and prove them wrong! Poker isn’t a game of luck, but requires poker skill.
  • Prove you are a bigshot by customizing your poker style to fit your reputation. Be sure to visit one of the many great hat shops across Texas and get yourself the poker deluxe hat of your dreams!
  • The game includes HD Poker graphics for a great experience on all iPhones and iPads.
  • Play Always and Everywhere Offline Poker, no internet connection required: Because there is no live internet connection needed to play a good game of Texas hold’em poker, you can just play Governor of Poker 2 offline anywhere you want! Don’t wait for human players in multiplayer poker games, that don’t respond or leave the pokergame or go allin all the time. Just play this offline poker game !
Governor of Poker 3
  • 5 DIFFERENT POKER Formats: Cash game, Sit & Go tournament, Push or Fold, Big Win and Royal poker.
  • Play BLACKJACK 21: many different betting amounts, for all players the right bet
  • The further you get, the higher the stakes, upto 1 million chips
  • Big FREE welcome package of poker chips, gold and a Cowboy or Cowgirl hat.
  • FREE chip stack bonus every 4 hours to make sure you can always play poker
  • Complete all poker achievements and win gold coins and XP points.
  • Distinguish yourself by winning badges and trophies with your poker skills
  • Play with poker buddies: Make friends & Invite them to play with you at the same poker table and send your poker buddies free chip gifts!
  • Chat with other Texas Holdem players through chat and animating emoticons. Use them to bluff or taunt players so you win the poker hand !
  • Cross platform game: play where ever you want. Start on this site on your PC and continue on mobile
  • Great poker game with a story

// Official Demo Videos //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Governor of Poker Premium Edition multilingual portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Download URLs //

Game License Version Download Size
for Windows
Governor of Poker Registered Version v1.1 28.3 MB
Governor of Poker 2 Premium Edition v1.1 139 MB
Governor of Poker 3 Free Edition Latest Play Online n/a
for Android
Governor of Poker 2 Free Edition Latest n/a
Governor of Poker 3 n/a


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