Head First HTML5 Programming HD PDF

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HTML5 has already won the Web standards war and been supported by all web browsers. If you want to create a website or web application that is dynamic, interactive, data-rich and interconnected, then you need to use the latest HTML5 technologies to do it, such as geolocation, video, 2D rendering, Web storage, Web worker threads, etc. Head First HTML5 Programming is a definitive guide to HTML5, front-end developers from beginners to experienced veterans can benefit from it.

Head First HTML5 Programming is an easy way to let you learn how to build Web applications using current standards and best practices. At the same time, you’ll learn the basics of HTML5’s new APIs, and even understand how they interact with your Web pages, how JavaScript powers them, and how you can use them to build engaging and appealing Web applications.

As a tutorial book on HTML5, Head First HTML5 Programming continues the tradition of the Head First series. It shows us many important aspects of HTML5 in a fun and easy to understand way. Complex concepts such as canvas and asynchronous programming can be easy, understandable, and more straightforward to learn, thanks to its visual style and extensive code examples.

// Table Of Contents //

  • 1. Getting to Know HTML5: Welcome to Webville
  • 2. Introducing JavaScript and the DOM: A Little Code
  • 3. Events, Handlers and All that Jazz: A Little Interaction
  • 4. JavaScript Functions and Objects: Serious JavaScript
  • 5. Making Your HTML Location Aware: Geolocation
  • 6. Talking to The Web: Extroverted Apps
  • 7. Bringing Out Your Inner Artist: The Canvas
  • 8. Not Your Father’s TV: Video …With Special Guest Star “Canvas”
  • 9. Storing Things Locally: Web Storage
  • 10. Putting JavaScript to Work: Web Workers
  • A. Leftovers: The Top Ten Topics (We Didn’t Cover)
  • B. This isn’t goodbye

// What You’ll Learn //

  • Learn how to make your pages truly interactive by using the power of the DOM.
  • Finally understand how JavaScript works and take yourself from novice to well-informed in just a few chapters.
  • Learn how JavaScript APIs fit into the HTML5 ecosystem, and how to use any API in your web pages.
  • Use the Geolocation API to know where your users are.
  • Bring out your inner artist with Canvas, HTML5’s new 2D drawing surface.
  • Go beyond just plugging a video into your pages, and create custom video experiences.
  • Learn the secret to grabbing five megabytes of storage in every user’s browser.
  • Improve your page’s responsiveness and performance with Web workers.
  • And much more.

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