Head First Networking HD PDF download

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Head First Networking HD PDF download

Maybe you ever found that too many computer network related books are full of boring text and web terms that let a reader feel tired and sleepy, which is the biggest obstacle for many beginners who want to learn the network technology. Then try the Head First Networking instead.

Head First Networking does not get caught up in technical details or break away from application environments as ordinary textbooks. Instead, from beginning to end it is suitable to actual circumstances, using clear and easy to understand methods to show readers the originally obscure network concepts, so as to help readers understand what the network is, how to set up and configure network, as well as network maintenance techs. The whole content in this book covers comprehensively, from basic cable connectors to the routing protocol, network security, etc., involves all aspects.

Head First Networking's duty is to make you get started on network technology. After that, for knowledge you think you need to improve, then you will naturally know where to go, choose what kind of books to continue.

Head First Networking HD PDF download

// Table Of Contents //

  • Chapter 1 Fixing Physical Networks: Walking on Wires
  • Chapter 2 Planning Network Layouts: Networking in the Dark
  • Chapter 3 Tools and Troubleshooting: Into the Wire
  • Chapter 4 Packet Analysis: You’ve Been Framed
  • Chapter 5 Network Devices and Traffic: How Smart is Your Network?
  • Chapter 6 Connecting Networks with Routers: Bringing Things Together
  • Chapter 7 Routing Protocols: It’s a Matter of Protocol
  • Chapter 8 The Domain Name System: Names to Numbers
  • Chapter 9 Monitoring and Troubleshooting: Listen to Your Network’s Troubles
  • Chapter 10 Wireless Networking: Working Without Wires
  • Chapter 11 Network Security: Get Defensive
  • Chapter 12 Designing Networks: You Gotta Have a Plan!
  • Appendix Leftovers: The Top Ten Things (we didn’t cover)
  • Appendix Ascii Tables: Looking Things Up
  • Appendix Installing Bind: Getting a Server to talk DNS

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