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Head First Statistics possesses the habitual features of Head First series, that’s to provide the most intuitive mode of understanding to readers, making the study of statistics theory both interesting and natural. From exams to solve practical problems, whether you are a student or a data analyst, can benefit from it.

Head First Statistics covers statistics knowledge including: information visualization, probability calculation, geometric distribution, binomial distribution and Poisson distribution, normal distribution, statistical sampling, construction of confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, chi square distribution, correlation and regression, and so on, even completely covers the AP test range.

Head First Statistics uses the fully interactive plots happened in our real life, teaches you all basis about the statistics, just brings the vivacious fun for this boring field. Eventually, it not only enables you to fully grasping the essence of statistics, moreover will tell you how to apply statistical theory to your everyday life.

// Table Of Contents //

  • Chapter 1 Visualizing Information: First Impressions
  • Chapter 2 Measuring Central Tendency: The Middle Way
  • Chapter 3 Measuring Variability and Spread: Power Ranges
  • Chapter 4 Calculating Probabilities: Taking Chances
  • Chapter 5 Using Discrete Probability Distributions: Manage Your Expectations
  • Chapter 6 Permutations and Combinations: Making Arrangements
  • Chapter 7 Geometric, Binomial, and Poisson Distributions: Keeping Things Discrete
  • Chapter 8 Using the Normal Distribution: Being Normal
  • Chapter 9 Using the Normal Distribution ii: Beyond Normal
  • Chapter 10 Using Statistical Sampling: Taking Samples
  • Chapter 11 Estimating Populations and Samples: Making Predictions
  • Chapter 12 Constructing Confidence Intervals: Guessing with Confidence
  • Chapter 13 Using Hypothesis Tests: Look At The Evidence
  • Chapter 14 The ?2 Distribution: There’s Something Going On…
  • Chapter 15 Correlation and Regression: What’s My Line?
  • Appendix Leftovers: The Top Ten Things (we didn’t cover)
  • Appendix Statistics Tables: Looking Things Up

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