High Performance MySQL, 3rd Edition HD PDF

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High Performance MySQL, 3rd Edition HD PDF

High Performance MySQL is a classic work in the field of MySQL that has won the famous Jolt Awards (The Best Books) in 2009, has a wide range of influence. It can not only help MySQL beginners improve their use skills, also points out the way to the development of high-performance MySQL applications for more experienced MySQL DBAs.

High Performance MySQL, 3rd Edition updated a lot of content, which not only covers new characteristics in MySQL 5.5, also tells database related new content about solid-state disk, high-extensibility design, and cloud computing environment. Besides, the original benchmarking and performance optimizing parts also got lots of extension and supplement. The entire book is divided into 16 chapters and 6 appendices. Each chapter is a relatively independent subject, and readers can read them selectively.

High Performance MySQL is a rare good book sharing practical experiences of MySQL that is fit for database administrators (DBA) to study and suitable for developers to reference. Anyway, as long as you dare not call yourself a MySQL expert, then you'd better not miss the book!

High Performance MySQL, 3rd Edition HD PDF

// Table Of Contents //

  • Chapter 1 MySQL Architecture and History
  • Chapter 2 Benchmarking MySQL
  • Chapter 3 Profiling Server Performance
  • Chapter 4 Optimizing Schema and Data Types
  • Chapter 5 Indexing for High Performance
  • Chapter 6 Query Performance Optimization
  • Chapter 7 Advanced MySQL Features
  • Chapter 8 Optimizing Server Settings
  • Chapter 9 Operating System and Hardware Optimization
  • Chapter 10 Replication
  • Chapter 11 Scaling MySQL
  • Chapter 12 High Availability
  • Chapter 13 MySQL in the Cloud
  • Chapter 14 Application-Level Optimization
  • Chapter 15 Backup and Recovery
  • Chapter 16 Tools for MySQL Users
  • Appendix Forks and Variants of MySQL
  • Appendix MySQL Server Status
  • Appendix Transferring Large Files
  • Appendix Using EXPLAIN
  • Appendix Debugging Locks
  • Appendix Using Sphinx with MySQL

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