[v8.4] Hotkeycontrol – Customize and create Windows hotkeys

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[v8.4] Hotkeycontrol – Customize and create Windows hotkeys

Since Logitech first started producing all kinds of multimedia keyboards, the keyboard has transformed into a console with all sorts of system functions from the original pure-text input tool. But most of our keyboards do not come with these convenient function keys, such as volume control keys, media play keys, etc. So is it possible to modify the default keyboard keys to support launching/calling the system functions? The answer is yes.

Hotkeycontrol is a very simple system hotkeys customizing tool which enables you to complete various of system operations through combination keys on a common keyboard. Compared with the system-provided hotkeys function, Hotkeycontrol is much more flexible, convenient and versatile. It claims to be currently the easiest way to create keyboard shortcuts for common tasks, or to remap keys and customize keyboard layout.

With Hotkeycontrol, you can quickly set hotkeys to launch various programs or call sundry system functions (including their corresponding parameters). Its convenience on operation allows you to less move the mouse, and more strike the keyboard to improve the efficiency of computer operation. In other words, it can make your general keyboard turn into an Internet or multimedia keyboard. For example, you can even use it to control the ejection and retraction of the CD/DVD drive.

[v8.4] Hotkeycontrol – Customize and create Windows hotkeys

// Key Features //

  • Gorgeous Mac OS X style system volume and display
  • Brightness level display
  • Never need to remember your hotkeys with a quick access
  • View/launch configured actions with ease
  • Record macros to automate keyboard & mouse actions
  • Use Universal auto fill to type frequently used text
  • Support for single keys as well as key combinations
  • Remap keyboard layout
  • Customize key configuration (Mapkeyboard)
  • Optimized for low memory and CPU usage
  • Super easy to use

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Hotkeycontrol multilingual portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

// Download URLs //

v8.4[v8.4] Hotkeycontrol – Customize and create Windows hotkeys988 KB


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