[v7.7, v7.0] IDA Pro – World’s smartest and most powerful disassembler

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IDA Pro (short for Interactive DisAssembler Professional) is an excellent and extremely powerful decompiler with high efficiency and good interactivity from Belgium. It’s also the best static decompiler at present (we can call it the world’s top-level). Many programmers and more crackers use it and even can’t do without it.

What AppNee wants to emphasize is: on the one hand, as a matter of fact, IDA Pro has become the standard tool for analyzing malicious codes, which also make itself be an important method in the study field of software cracking rapidly. Its pros are more perfect disassembly and deeper analysis than similar tools. Meanwhile, its cons are also clear – IDA is really not easy to use, most of time, you have to start it with some special tutorials (the official tutorials are recommended) or books (The IDA Pro Book is recommended, AppNee will release it as soon); on the other hand, IDA Pro is an indispensable edge tool for software crackers. In short, as an interactive, programmable, extensible and multiple-processor supported analyzing program on Windows or Linux platform, IDA Pro has long been recognized as the best disassembly tool in the software decoding/cracking field.

As the world’s top disassembly tool, IDA Pro was obviously better than W32DASM from France (such as more professional UI, more options, or more advanced features), so that today you can easily download its full version from the Internet. But of course, anyway, in fact, IDA has a lot of same function with W32DASM: quickly reach the designated code position; check the JMP command position used to jump to some specified location; check the reference string; save static assembly, etc.

Eventually, you want to be a professional cracker? Then remember to master one tool – IDA Pro or OllyDbg and one thing – keep learning and trying. That’s all.

// System Requirements //

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Packages
  • Python

// Edition Statement //

There is no keygen, registration code or crack for IDA Pro. Apart from the demo and v5.0 freeware versions, all you can download from the Internet are authorised copies with use licenses. Because all the installation packages are OEM versions, the IDA official site does not provide download for them, and in IDA Pro, you can find any option for registration.

AppNee provides everyone the IDA Pro Advanced Edition v7.0 setup and all decompilers (for x86, x64, ARM and more), v6.8 demo setup, unlock and LAN patches, v6.6 full setup & portable versions (along with SDKs and registration keys), v6.6 repacked version (with all the stuff needed to use IDA, SDK, Patch, Plugin…), and v6.1 portable full registered version for Windows (32-bit & 64-bit) and Mac.

IDA Pro’s two editions:

  • Standard Edition – support 30+ kinds of processors
  • Advanced Edition -support  50+ kinds of processors

The freeware version of IDA v5.0 has the following limitations:

// Installation Notes //

for v7.7:

  • To activate .idb/.i64 associations run ida.exe/ida64.exe as Administrator:
    • IDA -> Options -> General -> Misc -> Associate .IDB file extension with IDA

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

License Version Type Download Size
for Windows
Freeware v5.0 Setup 16 MB
Pro Adv Edition v6.6 Portable reserved 137 MB
Setup reserved 144 MB
Repacked reserved 208 MB
v7.3 Portable reserved 264 MB
v7.5 Setup 396 MB
v7.7 Portable 358 MB
for Mac
Pro Adv Edition v7.0 Setup 171 MB
IDA Plugins
Pro Adv Edition Universal Portable 596 MB

(Homepage | IDA v5.0 Freeware)

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If there is a password for an archive, it should be "appnee.com".
Most of the reserved downloads (including the 32-bit version) can be requested to reupload via email.