[v30.06] InstallAware – Create cool and functional program installation file

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InstallAware is a software installer creating tool for Windows. The installation files generated by it are smaller than InstallShield and executes faster. As one of the premier software installation solutions on the market for Windows Installer, it provides users with a clear user interface and easy navigation, so that even beginners can get the most out of this program with ease.

InstallAware is an emerging standard among all Windows Installer authoring tools, which is able to create installation files for your application in a script-driven manner. It provides an automatic control interface to programmatically generate and build installation projects. You can publish your installation scripts via your programs or web pages, and create your own installation development environment as need. The toolkit it provides can create a variety of commonly used installation packages for your software, and provides powerful program packaging, installing and upgrading capabilities.

In summary, InstallAware can be safely called one of the most powerful and best software in this area. It’s perfect for creating standard installers and for developing web programs. Because this application has all the necessary tools to make it as easy as possible to create the installation packages for Windows.

// Key Features //

Lower Setup Development Costs
  • Hybrid Installation Technology with InstantInstall Acceleration
  • InstallTailor MST Transform Creator
  • MSIX Builder
  • Windows Store Bridge
  • Application Runtime Wizard
  • Build Events
  • Automated Virtual Machine Unit Testing
  • Simplified Windows Installer Development
  • Hybrid App-V Builder
  • App-V Viewer
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Out-of-the-Box Windows 10 April 2019 Update Support
  • Set up 64 Bit and 32 Bit Systems with the Same Installer
  • Detect and Manage Setups on Virtual Machines
  • Mirrored Code and Visual Development
  • Import .MSI and .MSM files
  • Acrylic Material with Fading/Sliding Wizard Transition Special Effects
  • Dialog Designer
  • One-Click Technology Preinstalls
  • Customization without Complexity
  • 1-Click Patching
  • Extend Setups with DLLs
  • Extend Setups with Plug-Ins
  • Automation Interface
  • Integrated Product Configuration Management
  • Reusable Scripts
  • Script Functions
  • Integrated Debugging
  • Dynamic Scanning Tool
  • Automated Translations
  • Legacy Project Converters
  • Import .REG files
  • Auto-Correcting Fields
Fully Support Installation Standards
  • Complete MSI Support
  • Advanced Service Configuration with Service Failure Actions
  • SHA 256 Code Signing
  • Self Healing Applications
  • Installation on Demand
  • Elevated Privilege Installations
  • Windows Driver Install Frameworks (DIFx) Support
Improved Download Success Rates
  • Completely Scriptable Web Updates
  • WebAware Installation Technology
  • Superior 64-bit Compression
Industry Leading Installation Technology
  • Run Nested MSI Setups and Capture Progress
  • Post to Social Networks
  • Multi-Instance Support on All Windows Platforms
  • IIS Support
  • Dependency Decompressor
  • .NET 4.8 Support
  • Universal Database Support
  • Java Installation Support
  • Serial Number Generation
  • Multi-Core Compression
  • Dynamic Feature Lists
  • System Tray Minimized Setups
  • Schedule Windows Tasks
Superior User Experience
  • Refined User Interface
  • Collect User Feedback and Product Registrations
  • Dynamic User Validation
  • Automatic Removal of Prior Versions
  • Autorun CD Browsers
Enterprise Software Deployment Support
  • Industry’s Fastest Unicode Setup Capture with Stackable Filters
  • Active Directory and Corporate Deployment Support for any EXE!
  • Set Access Permissions

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the InstallAware Studio Admin Edition multilingual full installers and all versions universal unlock patch for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

for X9, X10, X11, X12, X13:

  1. Download and install InstallAware with password:
    • X9: Nekhbet
    • X10: Nekhbet 57
    • X11: Nekhbet TF-X
    • X12: Yunus Emre
    • X13: Abdulkadir Geylani
  2. Copy the unlock patch to installation folder
  3. Run the unlock patch as administrator, and apply it
  4. Done

// Prompts //

  • The installation process of InstallAware X9 writes disk heavily, so that your system will get stuck obviously.
  • Even if you install it to D volume, InstallAware sill requires you have at least 20 GB of free disk space for C volume (otherwise you will get the following error halfway)
    • Unable to copy installation data to local folders
  • The installation process of InstallAware X9 is really time-consuming.
  • The software developers are so stupid as to extract all the program files into “C:\ProgramData\”, and then copy them to the installation path.
  • Based on several points above, AppNee is sure that InstallAware will not have a bright future, and will be abandoned by all users eventually.

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// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Studio Admin Edition v30.06 (X13) 3.23 GB
All Versions Universal Unlock Patch
Studio Admin Edition … and X~X13 413 KB


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