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After YoYo Games announced a new version of GameMaker: Studio for game developers, this simple game development tool that was originally released in 1999 has taken off once more. GameMaker: Studio integrates the drag-and-drop interface, provides GameMaker developers with brand-new functionality and performance, and enables developers to make multiple editions of a game for popular platforms at once, without multiplying the cost of game development.

Intro to GameMaker Studio: Volume 1, 2, 3 is an entry-level video tutorial on game making, created by Alan Thorn and published by 3dmotive in 2016. The language used is English, without subtitles. The entire tutorial revolves around a flight shooting game case, and the whole project is written in GML code + uses a few drag & drop operation. The video format is FLV, uses the H.264 highly compressed digital video codec standard, its resolution is 1280×720 (720p), and the length is about 3.5 hours. Programs used in this tutorial are: GameMaker: Studio, Adobe Photoshop, along with accompanied project source files.

This video course is specially made for absolute beginners who love making games using GameMaker: Studio, or anyone who has an interest in learning about how to make 2D games with this game engine. After finishing this course, you will learn the entire process (from first opening the software to deploying the game for iOS, Windows, or other mobile platforms) for building a complete retro, old-school, side-scrolling shooter game with GameMaker: Studio; and learn all the basics of GameMaker: Studio to get you started making your own games.

// Course Details //

Volume Courses
  • Chapter 1 – Introduction
  • Chapter 2 – Getting Started
  • Chapter 3 – Starting a New Project
  • Chapter 4 – Importing the Menu Background
  • Chapter 5 – Importing the Button Assets
  • Chapter 6 – Project Management
  • Chapter 7 – Art Guidelines
  • Chapter 8 – Creating a Room
  • Chapter 9 – Creating Objects from Sprites
  • Chapter 10 – Adding Button Objects to the Menu
  • Chapter 11 – Customizing Buttons with Actions and Events
  • Chapter 12 – Completing the Menu
  • Chapter 1 – Overview and Introduction
  • Chapter 2 – Adding a Level Background
  • Chapter 3 – Adding a Planet Decor
  • Chapter 4 – Importing the Player Sprite
  • Chapter 5 – Creating a Player Object
  • Chapter 6 – Setting Animation Speed
  • Chapter 7 – Making the Player Move
  • Chapter 8 – Creating a Longer Level
  • Chapter 9 – Making the Camera Follow the Player
  • Chapter 10 – Importing and Configuring Tile Sets
  • Chapter 11 – Building Levels from Tile Sets
  • Chapter 12 – Beginning the Player Weapon
  • Chapter 13 – Improving the Player Weapon
  • Chapter 14 – Completing the Player Weapon
  • Chapter 15 – Adding Enemies to the Level
  • Chapter 16 – Creating Enemy Weapons
  • Chapter 1 – Introduction
  • Chapter 2 – Course Recap
  • Chapter 3 – Creating Flight Paths
  • Chapter 4 – Assigning Flight Paths
  • Chapter 5 – Preparing to Code the Player
  • Chapter 6 – Testing Keyboard Input
  • Chapter 7 – Responding to Keyboard Input
  • Chapter 8 – Handling Multiple Inputs
  • Chapter 9 – Clamping Player Position
  • Chapter 10 – Creating the Player Weapon
  • Chapter 11 – Creating Explosions
  • Chapter 12 – Adding Player Health
  • Chapter 13 – Killing the Player
  • Chapter 14 – Adding a Game Over Screen
  • Chapter 15 – Adding a Mission Complete Screen
  • Chapter 16 – Finishing the Game

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Course Download Size
Volume 1~3 756 MB


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