Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development HD PDF, AZW3

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Game development and production is not only a craft, but also a lot of people’s dream. But the difficulties we have to face in order to master it are often daunting. When you are wandering around the front door of game production and at a loss, Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development can help you clarify your direction and lay a solid foundation from both theoretical and practical aspects.

This book combines game design theories, prototype development methods, and programming techniques together. Its goal is to fill the gap between game design and programming development to connect the two. The book brings together the internationally famous game design expert – Jeremy Gibson’s teaching experience in the leading game design courses in North America, integrates the relevant skills and knowledge required to be a successful game designer and prototype designer, and can effectively help the reader skillfully use Unity for prototyping, game designing, as well as game programming with C#.

Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development fully covers all the valuable key contents of game design and computer programming, and is considered to be the most comprehensive introduction book about game development with Unity and C# to date. In short, if you want to master the high-order skills of game development and production, you need to have powerful development skills and a lot of practical experiences, because there are never shortcuts. BTW, although this book is written for beginners, reading it can quickly lead to a lot of questions and burnout without a foundation in C#. So AppNee recommends that readers first go to finish an introduction tutorial or book to C# and then return to read this book.

// Key Features //

  • In-depth tutorials for eight different game prototypes
  • Developing new game design concepts
  • Moving quickly from design concepts to working digital prototypes
  • Improving your designs through rapid iteration
  • Playtesting your games and interpreting the feedback that you receive
  • Tuning games to get the right “game balance” and “game feel”
  • Developing with Unity, today’s best engine for independent game development
  • Learning C# the right way
  • Using Agile and Scrum to efficiently organize your game design and development process
  • Debugging your game code
  • Getting into the highly competitive, fast-changing game industry

// Table Of Contents //

    • Chapter 1 Thinking Like a Designer 3
    • Chapter 2 Game Analysis Frameworks 19
    • Chapter 3 The Layered Tetrad 31
    • Chapter 4 The Inscribed Layer 39
    • Chapter 5 The Dynamic Layer 61
    • Chapter 6 The Cultural Layer 79
    • Chapter 7 Acting Like a Designer 91
    • Chapter 8 Design Goals 107
    • Chapter 9 Paper Prototyping 129
    • Chapter 10 Game Testing 143
    • Chapter 11 Math and Game Balance 159
    • Chapter 12 Guiding the Player 195
    • Chapter 13 Puzzle Design 211
    • Chapter 14 The Agile Mentality 223
    • Chapter 15 The Digital Game Industry 239
    • Chapter 16 Thinking in Digital Systems 257
    • Chapter 17 Introducing the Unity Development Environment 269
    • Chapter 18 Introducing Our Language: C# 285
    • Chapter 19 Hello World: Your First Program 295
    • Chapter 20 Variables and Components 313
    • Chapter 21 Boolean Operations and Conditionals 331
    • Chapter 22 Loops 347
    • Chapter 23 Collections in C# 359
    • Chapter 24 Functions and Parameters 387
    • Chapter 25 Debugging 403
    • Chapter 26 Classes 419
    • Chapter 27 Object-Oriented Thinking 433
    • Chapter 28 Prototype 1: Apple Picker 459
    • Chapter 29 Prototype 2: Mission Demolition 495
    • Chapter 30 Prototype 3: Space SHMUP 545
    • Chapter 31 Prototype 3.5: Space SHMUP Plus 583
    • Chapter 32 Prototype 4: Prospector Solitaire 639
    • Chapter 33 Prototype 5: Bartok 707
    • Chapter 34 Prototype 6: Word Game 753
    • Chapter 35 Prototype 7: Dungeon Delver 793
    • Appendix A Standard Project Setup Procedure 881
    • Appendix B Useful Concepts 887
    • Appendix C Online Reference 947

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