IPFetcher – Pinpoint your laptop PC if it is lost or stolen

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Is it possible to find a lost or stolen computer back? The answer is yes. But that does not mean you need to call the place or just wait for others to knock your door and take your computer back to you. Instead, you have to beforehand deploy a computer positioning software in order to pinpoint your PC location in due course.

IPFetcher is a computer anti-theft/tracking/locating/retrieving freeware. Its working principle is regularly detects/gets the external IP address of the network a computer connects to, and automatically sends this IP info to the computer owner through e-mails or an FTP server, so as to realize the purpose of tracking the computer position (combining with the Google Maps to visually display its detailed geographical position). The working principle of other positioning software or the anti-theft, positioning function of smart phones is exactly the same.

To nip in the bud, it is suggested that everyone installs IPFetcher or a similar application in your laptop. If one day your notebook computer is really lost or stolen, then you’ll thank your lucky stars very much. BTW, IPFetcher actually has a less aboveboard application scenario – you can install it on the computer of the people you “care about” too much. This way, no matter where he/she goes, you are able to know his/her location. Although its effect is a bit inferior to a GPS tracker.

// Prompts //

  • IPFetcher’s accuracy may be much lower for dial-up networks that change IP addresses in per dialing.

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License Version Download Size
Freeware v2.0  (mir) 1.34 MB


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