JackDinn’s Auto speed tester – Automated Internet speed & latency tester

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JackDinn’s Auto speed tester (AKA: JD’s Auto Speed Tester, JDAST for short) is a professional yet simple and user-friendly free Internet speed & latency (both upload and download) testing program. It can help you automatically and periodically test your actual Internet speed in the background, and draw a speed curve so that you can see all at a glance.

JackDinn’s Auto speed tester is able to do all kinds of regular Internet speed tests automatically, allowing you to see all data about your Internet connection, including PING time, upload/download speed, packet loss rate, jitter, etc. In the end, it will generate a CSV record file that can be graphically represented. This way, it records all the data so that you can see your Internet speed graph at a glance, which is displayed in hours/days/weeks/months, etc.

JackDinn’s Auto speed tester is easy to use. To use the default test line, just click ‘Run Test’. By default, the software pings bbc.co.uk, which is located in Europe, not universally applicable, and often inaccessible for unknown reasons. Fortunately, we can change it to any other more reasonable IP addresses in the settings panel. BTW, you can set the testing interval (cycle time) at the upper right corner, and click ‘Tray’ to minimize the program to system tray to make it run automatically in the background.

// Key Features //

Download tests
  • Test download speed from a list of supplied default servers
  • Add any user chosen URL (HTTP or FTP) to the URL list (including PW protected)
  • Test download speeds from single or multiple servers with each test (muli-theading)
Upload tests
  • Test Upload speed to our dedicated testing servers
  • Test to your own servers
  • Test upload as single or multi-threaded
Ping/Packet loss/Jitter
  • Test Ping, Pkloss & Jitter to/from any applicable URL
Other abilities
  • Test all, some or just one attribute (DL, UL, Ping, Pkloss, Jitter)
  • Record public IP of each test
  • Add notes to each test result
  • Check for user specified running processes before testing (don’t test if *.exe is running)
  • Check for current BW usage before testing (don’t test if im downloading/uploading)
  • Use either network adapter data or internal JDast method to measure speeds
  • Send regular results emails
  • Send BW “threshold” emails at user specified levels (at x number of successive “bad” tests)
  • Send “Live” data to your FTP server for remote access to JDast data
  • Load results log into any program that supports .CSV
  • Run as a service
  • Sleep and hibernate control

// Official Demo Video //

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// Download URLs //

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Freeware Latest  (mir1 | mir2 | mir3) n/a


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