JPCSP – The first and fully functional PSP emulator

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JPCSP – The first and fully functional PSP emulator

JPCSP (short for Java PSP) is the first one PlayStation Portable (PSP) emulator designed for PC, with which we can play PSP games on the computer. Along with its biggest rival - PPSSPP, they are the best 2 PSP emulators now.

JPCSP is developed in the Java language, made by Shadow and his team (whose another famous masterwork PS2 emulator - PCSX2 you maybe know). Depends on the Java versions, the older versions of JPCSP run very slow, but the newest versions are almost as fast as the program written in C language.

JPCSP – The first and fully functional PSP emulator

// Key Features //

  • Full VFPU emulation;
  • GE (graphics engine) emulation (OpenGL + shaders);
  • ME (media engine) simulation (using FFmpeg’s wrapper, Xuggler);
  • Audio emulation (no Atrac3plus support);
  • Multi-threading support;
  • Save/Load support;
  • UMD ISO/CSO browser;
  • Memory Stick browser;
  • Screenshot taking;
  • Snapshot support (using raw RAM exports);
  • Screen rotation;
  • Free window resizing.
  • .... and more

// How to load PSP games in JPCSP on Mac //

// System Requirements //

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

VersionFor WindowsFor Mac OS XFor Linux
365732-bit | 64-bitDownload32-bit | 64-bit


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