[v3.xxx] Jux – Julia & Mandelbrot fractals drawer and explorer

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Mandelbrot set (Julia set is similar) is regarded as one of the most mysterious and formidable research objects in mathematics, also the most fantastic and magnificent geometric figures ever created over the whole history of mankind that called “fingerprints” of god. Grasping the drawing methods of them both, you will see and experience the beauty of mathematics.

XenoDream Software‘s Jux is a professional 2D Julia & Mandelbrot fractals drawer and explorer – i.e.: a very powerful software that studies and draws fractal patterns. It comes with all kinds of formulas and a real-time Julia set explorer, supports real-time preview and anti-aliased rendering, is able to utilize all available processors and cores of CPU, and allows to switch between the Mandelbrot set and the corresponding Julia set. Plus, Jux is able to display dynamic geometric shapes with a variety of beautiful coloring effects and advanced lighting options. In particular, it’s very easy to use, so that there is no formula editor or scripting environment required.

Although Mandelbrot set is just an iterative formula (all variables in the formula are plural), it’s like a big world, where you can generate endless beautiful fractal patterns. Since 1970 its fractal graphics was drawn and rendered for the first time, Mandelbrot set has been considered to be one of the most complex sets in the history of mathematics. It is so beautiful that it has attracted a large number of scientists and enthusiasts around the world. In fact, Mandelbrot set is also known as the “dinosaur” in math, which has become one of the most important symbols of chaos and fractals.

// Key Features //

  • Easy switching between Mandelbrot and Julia sets
  • Julia explorer shows Julia set thumbnail corresponding to mouse position in preview
  • A selection of formulas, mostly generic with parameters
  • Fully multi-core for preview, explorer and rendering
  • Render large pictures with full anti-aliasing (when registered; max about 20k x 15k pixels)
  • Batch rendering (when registered)
  • Numeric controls can be dragged like sliders
  • 12 steps of undo/redo
  • Easily share parameters in social media, with copy/paste to the clipboard
  • Memory spots for temporary storage of formulas, coloring or lighting
  • Save your favorite settings as presets (formulas, coloring, lighting, gradients)
  • Hundreds of system presets included
  • One-click switching between 15 default color schemes
  • Gradient editor that includes tools to capture linear or randomized gradients
  • Coloring based on potential, distance estimate, mean z, basins, orbit traps, textures, fibers, field lines
  • Adjust color and lighting controls with realtime preview
  • Powerful heightfield lighting effects
  • Materials that can include reflection, refraction, angular filtering and displacement mapping
  • Use panoramic or ordinary images as environment maps for reflection and refraction

// More Details //

Formulas and navigation
Jux can draw both Julia and Mandelbrot fractals.

  • When drawing a Mandelbrot set, you can point the mouse at any part of it and see the corresponding Julia set in the thumbnail
  • For Julia sets you can explore variations by moving the mouse relative to the center of the preview
  • Shift-click or press J in the preview to switch to the new Julia
  • Alt-drag vertically or Ctrl-drag a rectangle in the preview to zoom; pan the preview by dragging it
  • Extended precision numbers allow zooming up to 10^16
  • Jux automatically finds critical points to correctly render convergent regions in Julia fractals
  • For Mandelbrot fractals you can choose which critical points to use
  • Choose from a list of built in formulas (there is no formula editor)
  • Jux V2.1 has a good selection of polynomial, rational polynomial and Newton formulas, some Ducks and Kaliset variations, and five with sines or other trig functions
  • Most formulas have parameters to cover the range of possibilities. Some include Abs modes.
There are many possible ways to color Julia fractals. Jux has built-in methods chosen for their simplicity, flexibility and aesthetics. You can use coloring alone, or modify it with heightfield lighting effects.

  • Fractals may be divided into regions, depending on whether the formula converges, diverges or neither when iterated. Each region has its own coloring controls.
  • Exterior (divergent) regions can use continuous potential or distance estimation plus texture or fibers
  • Interior (convergent) regions can use continuous potential, distance estimation, mean |z| or angle plus texture
  • Interior regions can also have field lines and turbulence, and vary the color per basin or sub-basin
  • Coloring for the In Set region based on mean |z|, final |z| or angle
  • Optional Orbit Trap region defined by iterating an adjustable shape (23 to choose from)
  • Orbit Trap region can use distance, X, Y or angle, plus texture and turbulence
  • All coloring parameters (except Fibers and Orbit Trap shape) can update the preview in realtime
  • Coloring uses several gradients, with a powerful gradient editor and 900+ presets included
  • Capturing gradients (linear or randomized) from the desktop is easy
  • Import gradients from UltraFractal .ugr or Fractint .map files
Jux can add lighting effects to bring the fractals into 3D. The fractal is calculated as a height field in a 3D lighting environment.

  • Height field contours based on potential, distance estimate or mean z
  • Separate height field adjustment for in set, exterior, interior and orbit trap regions
  • Add displacement from textures, fibers or field lines
  • Up to 10 directional light sources plus ambient and fill light
  • Field of view can be adjusted between 1 and 360 degrees
  • Environment mapping for reflection and refraction using panoramic or ordinary images
  • Use your own images or one of 12 supplied panoramic images
  • Material properties independent of light sources and formulas
  • Materials can use the fractal coloring or override it with other effects
  • Use up to four different materials for regions or sub-regions
  • Materials can have a mix of diffuse, highlights, emission, reflection and refraction
  • Use gradients to filter the reflected and transmitted light by angle
  • Add displacement mapping with a variety of noise or patterns
  • All lighting parameters can update the preview in realtime (or near enough)

// Fan Made Demo Video //

// System Requirements //

  • Operating System: Windows 2k/XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 or 64 Bits)
  • It should also run on Mac or Linux using any Windows emulation
  • Multi-core cpu is good; the graphics card is not important

// Universal Registration Codes //

Name Key
for Jux v1.xxx, v2.xxx, v3.xxx
AppNee Freeware Group. 7R5T8N76JJ9KH6B

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the XenoDream Software Jux multilingual full installers and all versions universal registration codes for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and install the latest version of Jux from official site or AppNee
  2. Run program, maximize the program window
  3. In the left corner, click the ‘Register Jux!‘ button
  4. Register with the all versions universal registration code above
  5. Done

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// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
Latest n/a
v1.200 reserved 6.27 MB
v2.600 reserved 9.18 MB
v3.200 reserved 9.59 MB


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