[v1.0.3.6] KeyCheck – Windows product keys validation and activation tool

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KeyCheck is a free and portable Windows/Office activation auxiliary means written by Ratiborus from Russia. It is mainly designed to view and verify the validity of product keys in batch for multiple editions of Microsoft products, including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Office 2010, 2013.

KeyCheck checks and displays the current activation status of your system, as well as other details about your Windows license. It supports backuping and restoring system activation information, and is able to activate the Windows OS with one click using any validated product key. In addition to Windows product keys, the software also supports the product key detection for all versions of Microsoft Office 2010/2013. In the end, you can save all the available keys in a file, thus you can use it later when you need it.

In short, KeyCheck is designed to verify the keys of any version of Windows & Office and reject the locked keys to help with activation by phone. And in the process of checking key information, the working keys are displayed in a list, and the blocked ones are placed in a separate list.

// Key Features //

  • Supports Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1 and other versions of Windows
  • Supports key detection of different versions of Microsoft Office
  • Supports Office 2010/2013
  • Supports 3 types of query modes, they are respectively benchmark test, finding serial number, verifying serial number

// Use Instructions //

  1. Before using the program, if your system is activated, you must save activation. When saving, the program will ask you for the key with which you activated the system, it must be entered in the field to enter the key.
  2. In the Settings.ini file, you must add a list of keys for verification. Program comes with a few keys, while they are working but not for long, I think … In order to add some keys to the program, press the Open INI button, add your keys list to the end of this file, save the file and close it. Or download the keys from the file.
  3. Now you can start the process of checking the keys. Each key will be issued, and blocked and unsuitable keys will be listed in the dropdown list. They will need to be removed later by clicking the appropriate button.
  4. When checking the keys, the system can be activated without having to call the activation center, keep this in mind. If during testing there is an activation, the program will stop the key verification cycle.
  5. If the activation check did not happen – choose the worker who passed the test key, press the button Start verification of keys, it will be installed, and press the button Activation window and call the activation center.
  6. After activation – save the activation status.

*** During the recovery activation, it is desirable to disable the Internet.

// Multi-System Mode //

Starting with version v1.0.3.1, a multisystem operating mode has been added to this program. It is he designed to run the program on different computers with different operating systems. Computers differ in computer name and edition of the installed OS.

In this mode, the program has its own settings for each profile, and generally remains only the base of locked keys. The activation is saved to the working profile folder. Activation recovery is also performed from the working profile. In order for the folder selection to appear with activation preservation, switch to single user mode.

Multisystem mode is implemented in two versions:

  1. In the profile folder, when you first start, a folder with the name of the OS edition is created on the computer. For example, on Windows 8.1 Pro, when you start the program on this OS, it will automatically choose this profile with its own settings. When running on Windows 8.1 Core, it will create corresponding profile.
  2. In the second version, the profile is also created with reference to the computer name. All saves are located in their profile folders, including all keys for OS and Office, and all settings – everything is separated from each other. You can always be sure that you will not confuse keys or save activation from different computers.

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Freeware v1.0.3.6 1.05 MB

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