Learn Level Design with Blender and Unity 3D

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Level design is the entitative and main content of almost any game development. If you’ve got it in your mind that mastering Blender and Unity 3D can be a sure fire way to make your game level design ability achieve your desired professional level, then Learn Level Design with Blender and Unity 3D this course can enhance your video game creation skills, and develop your level design skills to the highest standard. In other words, you will be able to design fun game levels with Blender (for 3D modeling) and Unity game engine (for game programming) after finishing this course.

This course includes nearly 6 hours of on-demand videos (consists of 67 lectures), as well as downloadable resources like PPT and game project files. Its content covers: the concepts and best practices of level design (from setting goals and getting references to planning and mapping out your level in Photoshop); the modular design and complete basic object manipulation tasks; the first step to creating a full game level; each aspect of level design in detail; how to add intricate texture to each of these elements; reviews and quizzes in each section; and more.

Learn Level Design with Blender and Unity 3D is suitable for anyone with a basic understanding of Blender and Unity 3D. If you are interested in level design, 3D modelling and texturing, then this video course is very suitable for you. On completion, you will own an up-to-date skills set for both Unity 3D and Blender, and have an understanding of graphics software, game engines, game level design, and how all of these elements work seamlessly to create fun and engaging games.

// Suitable Population //

  • Students who have an interest in learning the basics of using Unity 3D
  • Students who have an interest in learning the basics of Level Design
  • Students who have an interest in learning 3D modeling
  • Students who have an interest in learning texturing

// What You’ll Learn //

  • Understand game level design in both conceptual and practical terms
  • Design 3D models for game levels
  • Create textures through Photoshop
  • Construct and operate a full game level on Unity 3D

// Table of Contents //

  • 1. Course Introduction
    • Course Introduction 00:01:23
    • What Is Level Design 00:01:38
    • Setting Goals And Getting References 00:01:17
    • Planning Out Your Level 00:01:26
    • Drawing Out A Level 00:05:58
    • Review Of Designing A Level 00:02:09
  • 2. Modular Design in Blender
    • Modular Design and Modeling Intro 00:00:23
    • Modular Design And Asset List 00:01:47
    • Navigating Blender & Basic Object Manipulation 00:05:23
    • Making The Floor Piece 00:10:40
    • Making The Ceiling Piece 00:03:27
    • Making some wall pieces 00:08:25
    • Making the Wall End And Wall with Opening Pieces 00:05:30
    • Making The Catwalk Pieces 00:10:31
    • Modular Design Review 00:02:27
  • 3. Creating the Focal Point
    • Creating the Focal Point Intro 00:00:17
    • Designing The Focal Point 00:01:21
    • Making The Focal Point 00:08:26
    • Adding Detail To The Focal Point 00:08:02
    • Focal Point Review 00:00:51
  • 4. Creating Props
    • Creating the Props & Miscellaneous Objects 00:00:21
    • Why and how to fill in a level 00:01:54
    • Making the Box 00:02:48
    • Making a Table 00:06:33
    • Making Variations of Props 00:05:06
    • Making The Miscellaneous Pieces 00:03:45
    • Review Of Props & Their Uses 00:04:58
  • 5. Texturing our Level
    • UV Unwraping Intro 00:00:15
    • Texturing Overview 00:03:48
    • Uv Unwraping Modular Environment Pieces 00:10:48
    • Uv Unwrapping Props 00:08:08
    • UV unwrapping miscellaneous Pieces 00:02:59
    • Putting UVs In A Atlas 00:07:30
    • Improving The Prop Layouts 00:04:48
    • Baking Ao 00:05:31
    • Texturing Review 00:01:30
  • 6. Creating Textures
    • Creating the Textures Intro 00:00:29
    • Creating Textures & Color Theory 00:02:38
    • Creating The Wall Texture 00:08:52
    • Creating The Catwalk Texture 00:08:18
    • Creating Ceiling & Floor Texture 00:05:39
    • Creating The Box Texture 00:03:53
    • Creating The Table Texture 00:08:16
    • Creating Pilar & Fuel Canister Textures 00:10:05
    • Creating The Base Texture 00:05:53
    • Adding Detail To Focal Point Texture 00:05:31
    • Creating Textures Review 00:02:25
  • 7. Building the Level in Unity
    • Building the Level with Unity Intro 00:00:29
    • Using Unity 00:04:09
    • Exporting Fbx & Creating Unity Project 00:04:05
    • Exporting Modular Environment Pieces 00:03:42
    • Exporting Props & Other Pieces 00:01:06
    • Importing Focal Point Texture & Creating A Material 00:05:24
    • Importing The Rest Of The Textures 00:05:37
    • Making a Focal Point Prefab 00:03:22
    • Making The Rest Of The Prefabs 00:02:10
    • Creating The Terrain 00:08:06
    • Making The Platforms 00:10:21
    • Placing The Platforms & Platforming Sections 00:08:34
    • Creating the First two Buildings 00:09:40
    • Creating The Final Building And Interior 00:07:03
    • Adding The Props To The Level 00:07:02
    • Lighting The Level 00:08:25
    • Finishing Touches 00:07:08
    • Building the Level Review 00:02:58
  • 8. Conclusion
    • Course Review 00:02:29
    • More Places to Improve 00:02:07

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