[v4.7] LinkCollector – Database-driven universal web browser bookmarks manager

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[v4.7] LinkCollector – Database-driven universal web browser bookmarks manager

If you have a job that needs you to use multiple different types of web browsers on the same computer, or to use the same/different browsers on different computers, then the most troublesome thing for you is probably to synchronize (import/export) your favorites/bookmarks between these browsers. In cases link this, LinkCollector can help you realize a centralized management to the bookmarks of all your web browsers.

LinkCollector is a portable (that means it can be run on both computers and USB storage devices), database-driven web browser bookmarks/favorites universal manager, supporting for all popular web browsers (actually are: Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Mozilla's Firefox, Google's Chrome, and Opera). It can help user easily sync/backup all the URL favorites stored in these web browsers into a single, built-in and independent database of LinkCollector, then we can manage them all in just one place.

In addition to being able to import/export all the bookmarks storage file formats supported by various browsers to/from its bookmarks database file, LinkCollector also allows user to set an access password to protect/encrypt his bookmarks database. This also means that, with LinkCollector in hand, you don't have to worry about the repetition and loss problems that always happened to your bookmarks ever, and will be able to efficiently access, manage and use your bookmarks collection anytime and anywhere (at home or at work, on your own computer or someone else's).

[v4.7] LinkCollector – Database-driven universal web browser bookmarks manager

// Key Features //

  • Easy-to-use, gorgeous user interface
  • Enter a password to encrypt your bookmarks collection
  • Use instant search to view a list of matching entries
  • Automatically create a backup of all bookmarks at startup
  • Auto-save program bookmarks before closing
  • Support popular browsers
  • Import bookmarks from popular bookmark file formats
  • Synchronize bookmarks between different browsers
  • Save screenshots of bookmarked webpages along with their titles and favicons

// Supported Browsers //

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera

// Supported Bookmark File Formats //

  • URL (Favorites)
  • HTML (Bookmarks)
  • ADR (Opera)
  • JSON (Chrome)
  • SQLite (Firefox 3)

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the LinkCollector multilingual portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Download URLs //

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