LINQ in Action HD PDF

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LINQ in Action HD PDF

As a ground-breaking and innovative technology on the Microsoft .NET software development platform, LINQ (Language-Integrated Query) set up an efficient bridge between object-oriented programming languages and various data sources, which greatly reduces the complexity of software development.

The most books in Manning Publications' in Action series are entry-level, because they pay so much attention to practice that may make a reader feel a bit shallow. But LINQ in Action is not. Just like LINQ itself, this book's authors (3 senior Microsoft MVP or programmer with 10+ years of programming experience) made this book into a bridge, which can help you to understand the C# 3.0 features and how to design the LINQ such as this elegant, universal and extensible component.

LINQ in Action HD PDF

LINQ in Action is regarded as the bible of LINQ, comprehensive, fascinating and has rich examples for both C# and VB.NET languages. Especially for the various features provided in LINQ, it explains their advantages & disadvantages from an objective perspective, so as to enable readers to make a choice based on the specific situations.

// Table Of Contents //

  1. Introducing LINQ
  2. C# and VB.NET language enhancements
  3. LINQ building blocks
  4. Getting familiar with LINQ to objects
  5. Beyond basic in-memory queries
  6. Getting started with LINQ to SQL
  7. Peeking under the covers of LINQ to SQL
  8. Advanced LINQ to SQL features
  9. Introducing LINQ to XML
  10. Query and transform XML with LINQ to XML
  11. Common LINQ to XML scenarios
  12. Extending LINQ
  13. LINQ in every layer
  14. Appendix: The standard query operators

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