Linux Bible 2010 Edition HD PDF

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Linux Bible 2010 Edition HD PDF

Linux Bible 2010 Edition: Boot Up to Ubuntu, Fedora, KNOPPIX, Debian, openSUSE, and 13 Other Distributions introduces the world of Linux all sidedly. The whole book is divided into six parts, each part provides the detailed explanation and instructions of process for the main commands.

Another special point of Linux Bible 2010 Edition is that it arranges many chapters to introduce the latest various kinds of popular Linux distributions (up to 12). Besides, there are a large number of reference materials at the end of this book, which can help you to obtain all kinds of related knowledge you need.

In short, Linux Bible 2010 Edition not only can be used as a start guide for Linux beginners, but also has great reference value for Linux professionals.

Linux Bible 2010 Edition HD PDF

// Table of Contents //

  • Part I: Getting off the Ground with Linux.
  • Part II: Running a Linux Desktop.
  • Part III: Learning System Administration Skills.
  • Part IV: Setting Up Linux Servers.
  • Part V: Choosing and Installing Different Linux Distributions.
  • Part VI: Programming in Linux.

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Linux Bible 2010 Edition HD PDF (10.7 MB | Homepage)

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