[v3.7] Live Chat – Self-hosted live support chat solution without monthly fees

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Live Chat (AKA: Live Support Chat) is a PHP-based online chat customer support system developed by JAKWEB from Switzerland. It has a beautifully designed user interface, simple and practical functions, and can assign customers participating in the chats to a department or designated customer service representative for reception. With its help, we can build our own customer support system so as to facilitate communications with our own customers.

Live Chat enables us to contact our website visitors lively, provide professional and fast support, answer pre-sales questions, and close the deal or just point them to the correct page. More than that, it also can be easily integrated and applied to popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, as well as wherever you need it. In a word, it’s a perfect place to teach or share feedbacks with your clients.

Live Chat works well with your websites. It is as simple as copy and paste a provided embed code into your website, any of your websites! And it has been optimized for all mobile devices, so that you can login and answer the client questions from all smart mobile devices you can think of. It’s official site even provides fully native apps for iOS and Android platforms.

You can customize Live Chat with your own style. It’s fully template based and easy to adapt to your website design. The developer has included 3 different design packages with unlimited variations of colors. Besides, Live Chat supports group chats. In other words, it is not only possible to chat one to one with your clients, you can invite up to 50 of your website visitors or clients into a group chat.

// Key Features //

Feature Description
Selfhosted You host the live support chat on your own web server any web server (PHP, 1 Database (shared)). No Monthly fees, no limits and most importantenly all data are in your hands and not on someone else server (they call it cloud).
Secure Protect Our software has been developed over Years it is as secure as it can be, because it is self hosted you have also full control over folder and file permissions and YOU decide which files can be uploaded and which not.
No Limits We do not like limits and you won’t have any! Growing Business add more operators, no limits in departments, clients or live conversations. Setup as many standard responses, bot answers, live chat widgets and buttons you want.
User friendly Live Chat 3 has been developed to be as easy to use as possible! Whenever possible everything should be reached with one click or touch and no bounderies on devices and screen sizes.
HTML 5 and CSS 3 The latest technology has been used to make sure you can enjoy all the blings and bangs that comes with it.
Fully Responsive It will look good and work great on screen sizes. Fully optimised for the mobile world without compromises.
Notifications We have build in Desktop, Sound, Push and SMS notifications never loose a customer again.
Use it with your Website It is as simple as copy and paste a provided embed code into your website, any of your website!

// Official Demo Video //

// System Requirements //

  • PHP 5.5+
  • MySQL 5.6+
  • one database
  • cUrl enabled
  • zlib enabled

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Live Chat full source code for Linux servers.

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// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Full Source Code v3.7 5.84 MB

(Homepage 1 | Homepage 2 | CodeCanyon)

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