Locate32 – Quick and easy local file/folder search

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Locate32 is a small, fast local search applet, I think when you see that this is a local search tool, you may very naturally think of Google Desktop, and believe it is enough for usage. But what I have to tell everybody is: Locate32 and Google Desktop are quite different.

Broadly speaking, Locate32 is mainly used for checking the names (file/folder), convenient, fast and the search results are also very accurate; Google Desktop is better at finding contents, so its speed is slower. For this reason, there is a big difference between Locate32 and Google Desktop for a programmer who faces a constantly updated source codes.

BTW, if you think the use of Locate32 is somewhat complex or inconvenient, then please use the king of similar tools instead – Everything – Best local files/folders real-time search engine.

// Working Principle //

Locate32 uses an excellent database technology (similar to the “updatedb” and “commands” orders in Unix system), saves the file related data on any designated disk directory or other media to the database file. When searching, it will directly search its records in the database file, so that achieves the purpose of quick location.

Therefore, the conclusion is: Locate32 is indeed more powerful than Google Desktop, and lets alone the search function come with Microsoft Windows.

// Prompts //

  • For the operating system before Windows XP, you must install GDI+ first.

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