MAME32 Plus! – One of the best alternatives of MAME

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Without a doubt, MAME is one of the best, most famous and most vibrant multi-system arcade emulators in the emulator history. However, its usability has never been high enough, and its direct support for games is very low – you’ll find that MAME can detect and recognize so many games but is not able to play them all, often simply reports that a bunch of files are missing. As a result, many variations of MAME have appeared, and one of AppNee’s favorites is MAME32 Plus!.

The best and most well known of so many variants of MAME is MAME32, which was originally authored by Chris Kirmse in 1997, and the first port of MAME to the Windows platform. As the name suggests, MAME32 Plus! is an enhanced version of MAME32. It integrates a full set of BIOS files for dozens of arcade systems, so as to maximize the support for more arcade games.

Among all the MAME-based arcade emulators, my favorite is MAME32 Plus!, because it can perfectly emulate almost all the classic arcade games, such as Warriors Of Fate, Captain Hook, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Contra, and so on. Moreover, it can recognize a lot of game ROMs that MAME and many MAME-derived emulators can not. We all know that for now the newer versions of MAME only support more games, but they are all worse than the previous versions in many other aspects, e.g.: the demand for hardware is getting higher and higher, starts up slower and slower, the search and refresh in games list are getting slower and slower, and so forth.

MAME32 Plus! comes with a friendly user interface and rich features, provides game search function so that you can find your target game quickly, the games list refreshes very quickly, requires very low computer configuration, and has a detailed game classification table, and so on. In short, it gives beginners in the MAME space the freedom to start and play classic arcade games. Besides, MAME32 Plus! also supports multiplayer netplay, so that you can compete against your friends. What a blessing for arcade fans!

// Key Features //

  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Supports Linux’s SDLMAME
  • The interface window can be adjusted
  • Multiple history files can be displayed on the same screen
  • Supports the IPS function and can automatically load modified codes
  • Provides game search function
  • Supports the customization of controller mapping schemes
  • Supports feedback strength, forced zoom, scanline saturation settings
  • Supports controller and BIOS settings
  • Supports additional functions such as Artwork, Sample, Cheat, High Score, History, Mameinfo, Command, Snapshot, and Flyer

// Folders Description //

Folder Description
artwork Storage directory of images for emulator background, foreground and outline border.
bkground Store MAME background files. The default file format is PNG.
cabinets A directory for storing the image files for arcade box photos.
cpanels A directory for storing images for beautifying arcade console painting.
ctrlr Path to save the game controller configuration file.
docs Help documentation for the emulator.
flyers A directory for storing game poster art files.
font Store the font files used by the emulator for display.
icons Used to store the small ICONS of the game.
ips IPS file directory.
lang Here is the directory where the emulator’s multi-language configuration files are stored.
roms The emulator’s default ROM directory.
samples A directory for storing game sound samples.
snap Game screenshot/preview picture storage directory. The default format is PNG.
titles Game title (splash screen) image storage directory. The default format is PNG.

// Prompts //

  • MAME and any of its variants are different from emulators for other game consoles, their ROM files cannot be decompressed and renamed, and must be in ZIP format. Otherwise, the emulator will not recognize them.
  • In game, press “TAB” key to enter the Settings of game and emulator

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// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Freeware v0.78 reserved 5.58 MB
v0.82 reserved 14.8 MB
v0.105 reserved 18.9 MB
v0.116 reserved 10.1 MB
v0.118 Final 11.8 MB


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