Mastering jQuery EPUB, AZW3 download

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Mastering jQuery EPUB, AZW3 download

As of this writing, I guess Mastering jQuery may be the latest tutorial about jQuery, when finishing you will be able to maximize your skills on jQuery library's core features. Moreover, you will even get the ability to explore more practical, interesting ways of using jQuery library by yourself, so as to apply them to real website applications.

Mastering jQuery EPUB, AZW3 download

In this book, from the beginning understand the advanced ways about how to integrate the library into your application, and then it is how to use regular expressions for senior form validation, animating, advanced event handling, using jQuery effects... At the back you will grasp how to use jQuery together with external functions (such as Node Webkit) to develop practical cases, and finally learn to optimize your own libraries to achieve maximum efficiency and explore the best practices for using QUnit.

In short, if you are a developer already familiar with the basic use of jQuery (as well as JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS), and want to upgrade your jQuery skills to a new level, then Mastering jQuery is very suitable for you. BTW, for readers who have finished reading the Learning jQuery, now the next book about jQuery is Mastering jQuery.

Mastering jQuery EPUB, AZW3 download

// Table Of Contents //

  • Chapter 1: Installing jQuery
  • Chapter 2: Customizing jQuery
  • Chapter 3: Organizing Your Code
  • Chapter 4: Working With Forms
  • Chapter 5: Integrating Ajax
  • Chapter 6: Animating In jQuery
  • Chapter 7: Advanced Event Handling
  • Chapter 8: Using jQuery Effects
  • Chapter 9: Using The Web Performance APIs
  • Chapter 10: Manipulating Images
  • Chapter 11: Authoring Advanced Plugins
  • Chapter 12: Using jQuery With The Node-Webkit Project
  • Chapter 13: Enhancing Performance In jQuery
  • Chapter 14: Testing jQuery

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