Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP Official ISO download

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The essence of Microsoft Plus! is a series of add-on packs and operating system enhancement components offered by Microsoft. The first version of this series is Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95, released in 1994; and the last version is Microsoft Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP (a single combination of its first two versions for Windows XP: Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP + Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition), released in 2004.

Thereinto, Microsoft Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP (Plus! SuperPack for short) neither added new features or functionality nor integrated the two separate products together. After it, the whole series had been discontinued in order to promote Windows Ultimate Extras for Windows Vista. However, many of its features were integrated into other Microsoft products such as Windows Vista. In fact, even though it had been no longer maintained, its features that were used to enhance the base operating system or provide additional utilities were usually included in the next release of Windows for free. For example: on Windows XP Media Center Edition, Microsoft Plus! was not needed as it had included the Plus Pack features.

As a discontinued commercial operating system enhancement product made by Microsoft, Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP (AKA: WinXP Plus Pack, Plus! for Windows XP for short) is marked as the ultimate companion for Windows XP Home Edition and Professional Edition. It was first launched along with Windows XP in 2001, and included various system enhancement components, such as screensavers, themes and games, as well as multimedia applications and utilities. As a matter of fact, it was created to show off the enhanced capabilities that Windows XP presented with its updated Windows Media Player and DirectX 3D core technologies.

With Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP, you can personalize your computer experience like never before. Built exclusively to take advantage of the power of Windows XP, Microsoft Plus! delivers exciting new features for digital music, gaming, photos, and more. Tailor your digital audio and video to your own tastes, challenge yourself with a variety of interesting and exciting games, and customize the look and feel of your desktop with amazingly lifelike screen savers and images.

Everything you need to amplify your audio and video experience is included. Use the power of your voice to control Windows Media Player without lifting a finger. Easily create colorful, customized CD covers, labels, and inserts, and automatically add your own track listings and artwork using Plus! CD Label Maker. Enjoy stunning 3D visualization effects, vibrant speaker enhancements, and a powerful personal DJ for automatically creating custom playlists in Windows Media Player. Quickly and easily convert your library of MP3 files to Windows Media Audio (WMA), thus saving valuable space on your hard drive.

Plus, challenge yourself with fun and exciting new games. Take the fun and excitement of bowling in 3D into the streets of ancient Rome with HyperBowl Plus! Edition. Labyrinth Plus! Edition rolls the classic tabletop labyrinth game into a 3D world filled with vibrant visual effects and sound effects. Test your skills for quick thinking and strategy with Russian Square – an intense new puzzle game for fans of Tetris.

And, customize your computer with 3D graphics and photos. Personalize your computer with exciting new desktop visuals, including 8 photorealistic 3D screensavers and 4 enhanced themes, as well as wallpapers, media player skins, and much more. Watch exotic fish come to life on your desktop in the amazingly lifelike recreation of a marine aquarium or display your favorite photos in a variety of custom-animated 3D photo galleries. Even add your favorite background music, and so on.

// Key Features //

  • Plus! Themes (Aquarium, Nature, da Vinci and Space)
  • Plus! Screen Savers (Aquarium, Nature, da Vinci, Space, Robot Circus, Sand Pendulum, Mercury Pool and Plus! My Pictures Premium screensaver)
  • Plus! Voice Command for Windows Media Player
  • Plus! Personal DJ
  • Plus! MP3 Converter
  • Plus! CD Label Maker
  • Plus! Speaker Enhancement
  • Plus! 3D Visualizations for Windows Media Player (Oddworld: Munch’s Odyssee, Maxx’s Kingdom and Plus! Undersea Wonders)
  • Plus! Skins for Windows Media Player (Aquarium, Nature, da Vinci and Space)
  • Plus! Hyperbowl
  • Plus! Russian Square
  • Plus! Labyrinth

// System Requirements //

  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional

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English (ISO + SP1) 136 MB

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