Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10, 11 64-bit Official Setup (Original ISO) AIO

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AppNee never intended to release the Windows setup ISO image files (not only because they have too big file size), but the following two reasons direct cause we have to do this for so many pure Windows players:

  1. Windows 10‘s design and performance shrinks drastically
  2. On the whole Internet, it is almost impossible to find any clean, untouched, official Windows setup ISO files

// About Windows 10 Performance //

As for Windows 10’s global performance, after tested under the testing environment with different hardware configuration in different period, from Windows 10 Technical Preview, Insider Preview to Professional & Enterprise’s final release. In the end, the conclusion we got is just as the description we made at the post of Windows 7 All Editions Universal Product Keys collection – its position is almost equivalent to the Windows Vista after Windows XP (even worse), I mean Windows 10’s lifetime won’t be too long (may be shorter than Vista). And after that it has to release its next SP big patch to save this situation or have to develop and release the next generation of brand new Windows.

// Reason of Windows 10’s failure //

First, the reason Windows 10 can get excellent “user response” primarily thanks to the following two factors:

  1. After Windows 7, successively experienced the Windows 8 and especially the Windows 8.1’s great progress and perfection – they paved the way well for Windows 10
  2. The power of advertising and publicity, especially the help from social network environment

In short, the success of Windows 10 derives from Windows 8/8.1, and its failure is precisely because Windows 8/8.1 too – it just did neither come out of 8.1’s “shadow” nor transcend it!

That is why AppNee released the Microsoft Windows’s most successful 3 versions by far (Windows XP Professional, Window 7 Ultimate and Windows 8.1 Professional) at all costs. All of them are 64-bit, English and universal VL/VOL edition only, untouched, absolutely the most original ISO/setup files from Microsoft official site. Eventually, we think it’s the best time to share them now, right?

// Additional //

Eventually, AppNee compromised, and agreed to include Windows 8 and Windows 10 official setup/original ISO files in this collection post, so as to make it really perfect. And the root cause of leading us to make this decision lies in: we found more and more problems in terms of compatibility with hardware drivers and applications exposed by Windows 8.1 (especially its 64-bit edition), and the situation is becoming worse and worse, while Microsoft’s official site or most third parties have given up providing any solutions. In simple words, Windows 8.1 has been abandoned by the whole world, despite it’s a really excellent and successful Windows OS version.

// Windows 11 Editions //

  • Windows 11 Home x64
  • Windows 11 Home N x64
  • Windows 11 Pro x64
  • Windows 11 Pro N x64
  • Windows 11 Team x64
  • Windows 11 Home Single Language x64
  • Windows 11 Cloud x64
  • Windows 11 Cloud N x64
  • Windows 11 Pro Education x64
  • Windows 11 Pro N Education x64
  • Windows 11 Pro for Workstations x64
  • Windows 11 Pro N for Workstations x64
  • Windows 11 Pro Single Language x64
  • Windows 11 Education x64
  • Windows 11 Education N x64
  • Windows 11 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops x64
  • Windows 11 Enterprise x64
  • Windows 11 Enterprise N x64
  • Windows 11 IoT Enterprise x64

// Prompts //

  • 32-bit already can’t satisfy the rapid development of hardware, just forget it
  • With Windows 8.1 in hand, please throw away the Windows 8 in your hand, even it’s a DVD

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

License Type Version/Bit Download Size
Windows 11
Insider Preview VL/VOL 64-bit, Build 22000 (torrent) 3.16 GB
Windows 10
Home Pro with Update VL/VOL 64-bit, Version 21H1 (Updated May 2021) 5.42 GB
Windows 8.1
Professional with Update VL/VOL 64-bit, Final 4.02 GB
Windows 7
Ultimate with SP1 VL/VOL 64-bit, Final 5.47 GB
Windows XP
Professional with SP2 VL/VOL 64-bit, Final 599 MB

*** Windows 10 Pro OEM or Retail is called Consumer Edition now, while Windows 10 Pro VL/VOL is called Business Edition now.

  • Consumer Edition = Home Edition + Education Edition + Professional Edition
  • Business Edition = Education Edition + Enterprise Edition + Professional Edition


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