Modern PHP by Josh Lockhart HD PDF, EPUB

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Modern PHP by Josh Lockhart HD PDF, EPUB

The classic PHP has won a rebirth, so it's time for the modern PHP to throw away its old burden and follow better practices. But almost all the existing PHP books and online tutorials have been out of date for a long time, such that it is difficult to reflect the new features and good practices of modern PHP.

With practical experience, Josh Lockhart, the Slim micro framework for PHP and New Media Campaigns' developer, and PHP: The Right Way's initiator & supporter, listed the concepts and tools for writing modern PHP applications in detail in his new book Modern PHP. This covers the new characteristics and best practices of PHP language, along with the introduction of a lot of useful tools, as well as the HHVM & Hack technologies.

Modern PHP by Josh Lockhart HD PDF, EPUB

In simple terms, we can see this Modern PHP as an extended edition of PHP: The Right Way, which explains PHP: The Right Way in detail through the author's rich experience. Hence, if the PHP: The Right Way was a directory, then Modern PHP should be its content part.

Eventually, Modern PHP will guide you to rediscover the classic and powerful PHP (even a brand-new one), and thus to construct and deploy better PHP applications. If you already have a basic knowledge of PHP, and want to improve your skills, do not miss this book.

// Table Of Contents //

  • Chapter 1: The New PHP
  • Chapter 2: Features
  • Chapter 3: Standards
  • Chapter 4: Components
  • Chapter 5: Good Practices
  • Chapter 6: Hosting
  • Chapter 7: Provisioning
  • Chapter 8: Tuning
  • Chapter 9: Deployment
  • Chapter 10: Testing
  • Chapter 11: Profiling
  • Chapter 12: HHVM and Hack
  • Chapter 13: Community
  • Appendix: Installing PHP
  • Appendix: Local Development Environments

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