MorphGear – Classic, universal game consoles emulator for Windows and Pocket PC

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MorphGear was ever a very powerful and celebrated multiple game consoles universal emulator (basically a frontend) that lets you emulate different console systems by using different emulator modules. It is capable of emulating GameBoy Color, GBA, NES, SNES, GameGear, MasterSystem, Genesis and TG-16. Especially, it’s pretty easy to configure and has very good graphics & sound effects, as well as ROM compatibility.

As a versatile multi-in-one console emulator for Windows and Pocket PC, MorphGear supports all the popular home game machine platforms (Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, Sega Genesis and NEC TurboGrafx-16/PC-Engine) compatible ROM formats: bin, smd, pce, nes, sms, gg, md, mgd, ffc, id, gb, gbc, cgb, gba, sfc, smc, swc, as well as their archived ZIP format.

At the very start, MorphGear was closed-source and commercial, later it became open-source and free for non-commercial use. From that moment on, it immediately became a lot of emulator players’ favorite emulation system on both Windows and Pocket PC platforms, which is able to emulate most popular game systems for Windows 98 and higher. BTW, MorphGear requires the MorphModules to work, some of which we provide you with.

// Key Features //

  • Simple, easy-to-use user interface
  • Shell with plugin support (SNES, TG-16, Genesis)
  • Emulation framework
  • Graphics library
  • Support for a pause function (any time in a game)
  • Support the characteristics of memory card with battery, simulating a real game saving process
  • Exquisite graphics and realistic sound effects
  • Support the screen size scaling function
  • Support full-screen display
  • Automatic frame skipping setting lets you experience the fun of game even on a machine with slower processors
  • Support personalized background wallpaper changing
  • Customizable control keys
  • Support directly reading ZIP format of ROM archive, save precious storage space for you
  • Achieve smooth video output by calling Game API (GAPI)
  • Support virtual gamepad skin on the screen, so you can directly control buttons on screen

// Included Modules //

Console Intro
SNES9x (SNES) a SNES module based on SNES9x
HuGo (TurboGrafx-16) a PC-Engine / TurboGrafx 16 module based on Hu-Go!
Generator (Genesis) a Genesis module based on Generator

// Emulatable Systems //

MorphGear can emulate the following systems on Pocket PC:

  • Nintendo GameBoy Advance (VGBA)
  • Nintendo GameBoy Color (VGB)
  • Nintendo Entertainment System (iNES)
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • SEGA MasterSystem (MasterGear)
  • SEGA GameGear (MasterGear)
  • SEGA Genesis (Generator)
  • Super NintendEntertainment System (Snes9x)
  • TurboGrafx-16 (Hu-Go)

// Contained Files //

  • Main Executable
  • Marat’s MorphModule for support of the SEGA MasterSystem, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, and NES.
  • MorphModule for SNES (based on Snes9x)
  • MorphModule for TurboGrafix/PC Engine (based on HuGo)
  • MorphModule for Sega Genesis/Megadrive (based on Generator)

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the MorphGear multilingual portable full versions (including few primary console modules for Pocket PC) for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Freeware v2.3.0.2 reserved n/a
v2.4.0.9 Final 1.04 MB

(No Homepage)

If some download link is missing, and you do need it, just please send an email (along with post link and missing link) to remind us to reupload the missing file for you. And, give us some time to respond.
If there is a password for an archive, it should be "".
Most of the reserved downloads (including the 32-bit version) can be requested to reupload via email.