MultiMonitorTool – Multi-monitor manager & monitor

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MultiMonitorTool – Multi-monitor manager & monitor

MultiMonitorTool is a multi-display management software developed by NirSoft (i.e.: the only developer of the entire NirSoft: Nir Sofer) for Windows XP and higher. It's portable, compact (less than 1 MB) and very user friendly, and able to monitor each monitor, move program Windows between multiple monitors, set as primary monitor, and has more settings that can be made to monitor screens.

With MultiMonitorTool's help, you can conveniently enable/disable selected monitors, set up the dependencies of multiple displays, set screen orientation, turn on/off display, save and load the configuration/profile of all monitors, and easily move/switch windows between these monitors. All these actions can be finished within a single user interface or via command lines calling (no window displays).

In addition, MultiMonitorTool also provides users with a real-time monitoring window, where user can preview the running state of each display screen, so as to ensure that the status of all monitors is clear at a glance.

MultiMonitorTool – Multi-monitor manager & monitor

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This utility is only useful if your desktop is extended to multiple monitors. If you have multiple monitors that display the same content, then MultiMonitorTool is useless for you.

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