Mumble – A high-quality, low-latency voice chat utility for gamers

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When we play games through the LAN/WAN, as an auxiliary means, the voice communication makes the game itself more interesting. But the currently common voice communication programs may be associated with a high latency (not a live chat in the true sense) and/or unstable (often loses connections) phenomenons. At this point, you can try Mumble this low-delay, high-quality, and anechoic voice chatting software.

Mumble is a real-time team voice chat software specially developed for gamers around the world, written by Thorvald Natvig in C++ (that’s why it runs fast and requires very little memory) and free, open-source and cross-platform for use. It is especially equipped with noise & echo detecting, filtering and eliminating functions used for the chaotic environments. This way, other players won’t hear the sound broadcasted from your computer speakers when playing game with you. In addition, Mumble allows users to set up their own servers, and perform mandatory encryption to the entire chat process, so you don’t have to worry about your chat content may be leaked.

Compared with similar applications, Mumble also features the transparent UI display for games. That is to say, even when entering the full-screen mode of a game, you are still able to see who are chatting with you clearly. Since specifically designed for game players, for people who like or need real-time voice communication while playing a game should give Mumble a big try.

// Key Features //

  • High quality, low latency Voice communication
  • Multi-platform
  • Efficient server software
  • Free and Open Source – no hassle before or after setting up
  • Powerful API through Ice middleware – for numerous programming languages
  • Positional Audio in games – hear your teammates from the direction they stand in
  • In-Application Overlay – see who is listening and talking in-game

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