MyPhoneExplorer – #1 smartphone management software in the world

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MyPhoneExplorer is a very practical, completely free and portable Sony Ericsson and Android mobile phones management software, developed by FJ Software from Germany. It allows you to control and use your smart phone from a PC (Windows or Linux), view and manage apps, and learn all kinds of information in your phone. Once the connection is established, you can perform various tasks related to personal information management on the computer.

MyPhoneExplorer enables users to easily and efficiently manage the contents in a smartphone on a computer by allowing users to connect their phone to computer via USB cable, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or infrared. It already works well with nearly a thousand models of Android-based smartphones; supports for synchronization with Outlook (Express), Thunderbird, Sunbird, Lotus Notes, Tobit David, Windows Contacts, Windows Calendar, Google Mail, etc.; allows to direct view/edit/send SMS text messages, manage applications and files; allows to make/receive calls; allows to create backups for everything like messages, contacts, calendar entries and files; and more.

You will be surprised at how easy and effective it is to manage your phone using MyPhoneExplorer. In fact, since its first release it has grown to be the most popular mobile phone manager. Even better, this program is still being updated. BTW, MyPhoneExplorer originally only supports Sony Ericsson smartphones. But since version 1.8, it has started to support Android-based phones (running Android 1.6+ OS).

// Key Features //

  • Sync your mobile phone with other Desktop based apps such as Microsoft Outlook (including Express), Mozilla Thunderbird, Sunbird, Lotus Notes, Google Mail and others.
  • Sync your calendar entries with Microsoft Windows Calendar, Rainlendar, Tobit David, Google Calendar and net shared calendars.
  • Sync contacts and notes with vCard/vNote-files
  • Sync internal Sync-database
  • Sync several devices to each other
  • Bi-directional file sync with the phone.
  • Phones with Android 5 (Lollipop) and newer versions: Screen-Mirroring from phone to PC, also available via Wi-Fi.
  • Compatible with the latest release of Windows 10 and Outlook 2016.
  • Photo-sync: syncs only new photos from the device, the sync process is now much faster.
  • Set your phone clock based on atom time.
  • Enhanced “Filebrowser” (you can use it to move and rename files and also for the management of the external storage) and “Control Phone” feature.
  • Manage and edit profiles, SMS, memory status, phone monitor, call lists, handle calls, automatic photo sync, create your backups using a Wi-Fi, USB-Cable or Bluetooth connection.
  • It works with an extensive collection of mobile phones especially those from Sony Ericsson and those that runs Android 1.6 or higher edition.
  • The only limitation applies to low-cost phones which do not have a PC-interface and the old Symbian based (examples: W950i, W960i, G700, G900, P1i, M600i) that require the PC-Suite to be installed first and limits the connection with MyPhoneExplorer app through the USB-Cable (no other connection available).

// System Requirements //

  • Android 1.6+

// Prompts //

  • Linux users can run this software using the Wine emulator (tested with Ubuntu Linux version 12.10).
  • If you have whitelists/blacklists settings on your WiFi-Router, you may need to disable it. Otherwise, your phone and computer cannot communicate with each other even if they are connected to the same wireless LAN.

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
for Windows
Freeware Latest n/a
for Android
Freeware Latest n/a


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